Unforgettable actions

Chapter 15

General POV

The porsche smoothly parallel parked in front of the hospital, and the supposed 'geek' proved stereotypes wrong.

The group was careful exiting the car, well, tried to be while doing it as fast as they could so they could run inside.

"Dear God let Jimmy be alive," Matt muttered.

Running through the electric doors, there was a crash.


Zacky had managed to run into the glass wall rather than through the sliding doors.

Zacky's POV


I shook my head, not believing my stupidity and rush.

The guys just looked over, laughed, but kept on going. This time only briskly striding.

I caught up with them, but only to realise no-one had talked for ages. They were all silent. Then I also realised that I hadn't said anything for ages and because I was thinking.

Wow, I surprised myself. That was pretty deep.

I also realised how much of a clutz I was when I managed to trip myself up over my own shoe.

"FOR FUCK'S SAKE!!!" I angrily muttered to myself.

I really hope Jimmy's alright. I'm still not fully filled in on what actually happened but I take it it's pretty serious. Like maybe h-

Ok, I proved how much of a clutz I was again by just walking into a worried, and angry, Johnny.

He snarled at me, pfft. Fuck him.

Matt asked the receptionist whereabouts Jimmy was, and the messengerboy (I'm yet to find out his name) quickly scrawled down the room.

We all headed towards these long confusing corridors, when Matt stopped.

"Do you guys wanna get some food or something now?"

WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!?!?!?

"Jimmy's fucking an inch to death and you're thinking of your stomach???" I blurted at him.

"WELL NO! But maybe if you LISTEN you'd realise that the receptionist said Jimmy's in ED and we can't see him til he's in a motherfuckin ward!"

I immediately looked to my feet, avoiding all eye contact since I was lost for words and didn't know how to apoligise.

Breaking the awkward silence, messenger boy spoke up.

"I'll go grab you guys some chocolate and coke."

Johnny was gonna speak up, but I nudged him in the rib with my shoulder as the messengerboy left.

"What was that for?" Johnny whispered to me, getting pissed off and rubbing his side.

"There's no way in hell that he'll be getting us beer, smokes or drugs so just leave that innocent little geek be."

He just shook his head and smiled slightly.

"You guys start heading towards ED, we might be able to catch Jimmy as he's coming out. I'm going to double check with the receptionist which ward he'll be in after."

Matt was always the 'mother' of us.

"Ok" we all said.

Since ED was on the way to the reception, we walked as a group. In the middle of the main hallway, there was a small corridor which led back to the front entrance.

Matt started down there when the double doors at the end of the main hallway flung open.

"We have a STUDENT- I repeat- STUDENT who is suffering severe injuries from the local high school-"

Matt swung round quickly as me and the rest of the guys pinned ourselves against the wall to avoid being run down with doctors, ambulance staff and a body on a stretcher.

Matt clung onto my arm to stop himself from running into the commotion, while we vaguely saw the uncovered parts of the body wheeling in front of us.

"Shit..." I slipped out when I saw a partially melted black fedora hat on top of the blanket covering the body.