Unforgettable actions

Chapter 16

Johnny's POV

This is turning out to be one fuck of a day

I only just realised how much I've been looking at my shoes. I should really look up.

I turn to Zacky and just see his facial expression change from depressed to speechless. His jaw dropped, eyes bulged, I realised I'd zoned out for the last.... probably 5 minutes coz last thing I remember is Matt splitting off down the hallway.

"STUDENT!!! ... ........ . . .. local........ high school....."

I figured it was probably just Jimmy. Next thing I know is I'm shoved out of the way and Zacky's out cold on the floor.

As I went to pick Zacky up I looked at the stretcher being wheeled down and saw a covered body.

And.... a melted black thing.

Mnnnn that looks familiar

I looked down at Zacky's stressed face when it dawned on me that black thing was a certain hat...

A black fedora hat which was.... Syn's...


I picked Zacky up and carrying him as though he was injured chased after the stretcher.


A nurse or medic person or whatever the fuck he was turned and stopped me.

"You cannot enter-"

"He's one of our fuckin BEST MATES YOU FUCKWIT!"

"Stop or I'll call security"


"Please wait until it is safe and we call you"

He returned to the stretcher and left me standing in the hallway carrying a person heavier than me.

I collapsed onto my knees and began to sob.

Why has everything gone all WRONG???

My mind was blank. My sobs were independant. Not until Zacky stirred did I suddenly snap out of my daze.

"Zacky we have to go get Matt and the geek"


"Just come"

I picked him up and began running to where I hoped Matt would be. As we ran, Zacky started to remember where he was, why and what he saw before he passed out.

"Fuck Johnny I swear I'm going to be sick..."

"I know, it's been a huge day I feel sick too."

"No, seriously I'm really sick..."

I grabbed his hand and turned left at the corner. I was welcomed to see an incredibly pissed off Matt standing in the line for reception.

"MATT!!!" we both shouted/

"Fuck you guys look like you've seen a ghost or something"


I could barely breathe as I halted in front of him.

"We saw Syn go into ED" Zacky said for me.


"We... saw S-Syn go into ED on a stretcher... something about burns..."


Our quietness didn't exactly answer Matt's question.

"A-are you even sure it was Syn?"

"Well no... but they were from a local high school and the stretcher passed with a half melted black fedora hat on top. No-one else in school wears a black fedora hat."
I just managed to wheeze.

"Well maybe some dickhead stole Syn's hat and they happened to get blown-up or whatever. I DON'T FUCKING NEED THIS! If worse is worse then I've 2 of my best friends in the fucking hospital close to death, we've got some geek helping us out and now Zacky's sick as hell" Matt said as Zacky threw up onto an old lady beside him.

People started to gather round and fuss about, while zacky went even paler and almost passed out again.

"Go sit with him and wait til that messenger boy gets back with something. I'll stay here in line and check on Jimmy AND now Syn."

I obeyed not wanting to do anything more, to think anymore. Just to hope for the best.

I picked up a dizzy Zacky and sat him onto a chair next to me and I just held him in my arms.

"I'm not letting you go. We might lose 2 of our best friends today, I'm not going to lose you and Matt."