Unforgettable actions

Chapter 17

Matt's P.O.V

"My God how long do I have to wait in this line for?"

I was finally 3rd in line, and I looked over just to check that Zacky and Johnny were still in their seats. At least they were, and the ginga boy had returned with some coke cans and a few snacks.

I turned back to looking at the receptionist, busily typing away trying to serve everyone in the line.

I better get back to Valary and tell her I probably won't be able to see her tonight. It'd been a pretty stressful day, the last thing I needed was to accidentally take out my anger on her or worse hurt her in any way.

Hey Val babe

Hey hun why ya calling?

I'm at the hospital-

WHAT?!? I'm coming right now!

N-n-n-o wait there's nothing wrong with me

Don't fucking scare me like that babe!

You silly, wait for me to finish. Anyway, Jimmy's hurt, Syn's burned, Zacky's sick and there's just a whole bunch of shit going on. I'm not gonna be able to see you tonight

Yea that's ok you stay there, they need you

You understand right? I'm so scared hun, I'm scared of losing them, I'm scared of accidentally hurting you, I'm just trying to play it safe

Babe, take it easy, breathe, just relax a little. I know they're the world to you, don't worry about me, I'll just go get a movie out or something and I'll see you tomorrow if you feel better then. Just, babe, don't freak yourself out. They'll be fine.

I-I-I'm just so scared... (Val was the only one who'd seen me cry)

Matty, don't cry. Go sit down and just try and relax a little. I'll call you soon.

thanks babe. I love you so much. Forever

Me too babe.



Oh shit! i quickly ran to the receptionist only just realising that the other 2 peopl in front of me had finished.

"Hey, umm sorry about that. Anyway I was just wondering if you could do a search for Jimmy/James Owen Sullivan and Brian Elwin Haner Jnr. They're my best friends and they were just admitted into ED I think"

"Ok just one moment please"

*moment* (A/N sorry just HAD to write that)

"Ok well James has been admitted, but he wont be warded for a while. As for Brian, no records have shown ye- Wait ok his form's JUST been sent through. He is also in ED at the moment, but he's suffering severe burns. His form's already been filled out by one of his other firends."

Other friends?

"Um sorry but can I ask, who filled out Syn's- I mean Brian's form?"

"I cannot tell you beca-"

"NO! We're his best friends and the person who filled out the form must've been the person who watched him get burnt!"

"We cannot say-"


"Please step back or I will have to call security"

I stormed off to where Johnny was sitting. The poor kid had Zacky sleeping on him, and it was obvious Johnny found Zacky a tad too heavy for him. I slumped into the empty seat opposite Johnny. At least the waiting room had cleared out abit so it wasn't so crowded.

"So?" Johnny asked.

I just realised I'd gotten no useful information out of the receptionist.

"Umm, we'll just have to wait here until they've got news on which room Jimmy's going to. As for Syn.."

"So it was Syn?"

"Yea. "



There was a pretty awkward silence as Johnny returned to looking at his shoes once more. This had to hurt pretty bad for him, Jimmy was his best friend, his other half, his soul.

Zacky broke the weird silence with a strange snort thing, which made me snigger. It was pretty nice to smile after all the shit that's been going on today.

"You were about to say something about Syn" Johnny muttered.

"Oh yea. Well he's got pretty severe burns, that's all I've got so far, but that remids me, I've gotta find the person who filled out Syn's form"

"someone else filled out his form?"

"That's what I said. "

'Mnnn, could it be that messenger kid? He disappeared somewhere a while ago"

"Oh yea, what the hell is up with him?"

Johnny threw a Reese's buttercup packet at me and continued to talk, "He might've filled it out just before he left. He had to go drop his mum off at some function or something then pick up his girlfriend."

"Girlfriend?" I questioned pretty scepitcally

"Yea I know, it's a huge surprise. I found his name though. It's Tobias"

"Geeky enough for me" I joked, stuffing a buttercup in my mouth.

*beep beep*

I took my phone out of my pocket as Johnny said "Shit you were meant to see Val, did she just text?"

"I dunno, hold on"

From: Valary ♥

Hey babe where are you? Just got through the main entrance, see you soon

"Yea, that was her. She's here apperently or something..."

"O god, we look like crap"

"Val won't care, that's why i love her"

(texting back)
Hey sweet we're in the waiting room by the reception, just staying here until they get back with some info on Jimmy and Syn. See you soon XxX my beautiful

As I pushed send, Zacky stirred a little, and Johnny quickly took his chance to move.
"Ow fuck! Got a dead leg..."

Johnny said it a little louder than he had meant to because Zacky stirred even more and muttered something.

Me and Johnny, thinking Zacky was awake, said "What?"

"I'm so....s.. sh.....yn....i...you..."

"Oh shit, he's sleep talking again" I said, starting to stand up to go wake him. There was no way I wwaas going to be seen sitting in a public place with a friend who was asleep on another guy and sleeptalking.

"Wait! Matt, he's saying something"

"I'm... so.....hs...daj....j....k..o.."

"I can't hear him" I said to Johnny

"Just wait!"

Me and Johnny both leaned in, and it was alot clearer

"I'm so-so sho shorry hun.... Syn.... I ... love you.... I'm sorry..."

O god, there's more drama.
Me and Johnny both looked up into each other's faces, startled at what we just heard.

"Let's not jump to conclusions. We'll just ask him whenever it seems right. K Johny?"

"Yea sweet"

The double doors to the room opened, and I looked up expecting it to be Val.

"VAL!" I shouted.

I saw a face that took me less than a second to process.

It was Billie.

He immediately turned around and began to walk back

"BILLIE!" I screamed jolting up and running to where he was.

He stopped in the doorway, "What the FUCK do you want with me???" He said defiantly

"Whoa! I'm just checking why you're here. Family or is it Syn?"

"How the fuck have you found out about Syn?"

"I saw him getting stretchered into ED"


I quickly pinned him up against the wall and made one of the biggest mistakes ever.


"Get the fuck off me! I was the one who called 911, I don't know what the fuck happened but I was in the carpark when his car exploded!"

"I find out you killed him you're dead, I'll even kill your girlfriend and your family"

"You bastard..."


It was Val who said You bastard. She'd heard me sayI'd kill Billie's family. Bille's girlfriend. Billie. She was dead in her tracks, just about 5 metres away from me and Billie.

She was scared and shocked. Her face terrified but angry.

"Val, I didn't mean it I-"

She walked. Not turning to say it to my face, she said "You'd kill other people's girlfriends and family, how could you do that. Imagine someone killing me. You don't care..."


She opened to doors and disappeared down the other corridor without another glance.