Unforgettable actions

Chapter 2

Synyster's P.O.V

WHAT THE FUCK? What the hell has been up with Zacky recently? It can't be because he found out can it? No. there's no way he'll remember.
Anyway, the group are the only ones who know my secret.
I reread the note Amy popped in my pocket when we were hooking up this morning.

Syny baby,

Things were never meant to be like that. Why are you breaking up with me? I don't believe the rumours about you cheating on me. Just take me back. If i get to kiss you today and it's our last one, then so be it, but remember, I'll cherish and hold onto this kiss forever.
You'll live in my dreams sweetie, I'll think about you every night.

I Love you unbearably much,

xxoxxoxx Amy

Staring out at the baseball field and the benches there, I thought of the kiss me and the fucking desperate chick Amy shared behind them this morning. I mean, I broke up with her last night, you'd think she'd have gotten over it. It was only cause I needed some single time. I need to rethink my life. It's hard being bi and not being able to show it. I still lust for the grinding motion of Sonny's hips on mine, and the hard, painful kisses that only brought me to heaven and back. And then Billie...

A sudden sting strikes me in the back of my head, disrupting my gaze at the benches.
And now she fuckin goes off again. I've had enough of this. I don't have time for this crap.
I've got feelings and memories to suss.

I storm out as I can feel the piercing stares from the class and their gaping mouths watching me leave.

I head to the back of the closed off halls. I've got some time until the group get here at lunch so I can rethink shit. I take a deep drag from the Dunhill cigarette that seems to have lit itself from out of my pocket and appeared in my fingers.

My mind drifts off to that night months ago...