Unforgettable actions

Chapter 6

Syn's P.O.V.

The bell above my head started to ring.
And fuckin ring it dead, semi deafening me and giving me an instant migraine.
Within 10 seconds I could already hear the halls begin to fill up with people, and the happy chitter chatter of retards.
Fuck I hate some of them so much.

After about 5 minutes of waiting, Zacky was the first to arrive.
Oh shit, ok, calm down man. lets get this through...

"Hey Z."

He looked nervous. Fuck he's acting even weirder than he has been recently. This ain't gonna be as easy as I thought...

Zacky's P.O.V.

Oh my God Syn talking to me...

This is even weirder. My bloods getting all squirmy, and I'm overcome with this weird feeling I've never had before.

"Hey Z"

I shuffled my feet nervously, afterall I had to confess to him.

"hey Syn."

"I gotta talk to ya, but like privately, so you wanna go somewhere else?"

Oh my god. he wants to go somewhere PRIVATE. I'll let him talk first. Yea, that could make things easier.

"ok. But I've gotta tell you something as well. But what about the guys?"

"Pfft, they'll hang around here. Don't worry about them, we'll see them by the time we get back."


We started to head off round the corner to where it's even darker and no-one else in the school knew about that spot.


"Oh shit."

"where are they??? This is important!!! I know they've been in class, the nurse said they were marked present today, only they ran out of class before the message was delivered."

The frantic messenger boy panicked as he realised not only is this bad for their friend, but also since he was the one boasting he knew where that group hung out.

"shit. I'm gonna get it..."

He headed back to the nurses station thinking of where else Jimmy's hopeless friends would be.

Fuck he could even die. What the hell sort of people , let alone friends are they???