Mom, I'm Moving Out.

When four young girls deside they can no longer take it at home, they all band together to move away. The four girls - Jen, Steph, Nicole and Alice are all sticking with each other as they make their way through this change. Unfortunately, the change they expected takes a turn. The girls are taken captive and are held in a basment constantly tortured and raped.

Searching everyday for an answer on how to get out and reach saftey is a constant struggle. The girls constantly pulling along and holding onto hope.

But what happens when they have to pretend as if nothing happened? Will the rapist and killer's son, Rickie, save them or deny that they were ever harmed by his father.
  1. Black Nailpolish And Tears
    The girls pack up and get ready to move out.
  2. Truth Or Dare Is Harmless
    The girls play a simple game of truth or dare which leads to a harmless game of witch craft.
  3. Manhattan, We're Here
    Manhattan didn't seem to be too big.
  4. Drug deals and Razor blades
    More druggies? Great.
  5. Russian Roulette
    The creepy old man winks.
  6. Running Short Of Air and Reasons to Live
    Let's gasp for air with the tears that follow.
  7. Confined To A Cage
    Our screams take up air, and our tears echo against the concrete floor.
  8. Chains Around My Heart
    Alice is picked out from the group.
  9. Walls to Break
    Jen's hope and barriers have been broken down. She is taken from the group, and allowed to shower because she is the weakest girl and easiest to harm. She is raped eight times. *Caution: Graphic.*