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Show Them What it Means To Be Alive

"Please don't tell me that I'm dreaming, when all I ever wanted was to dream another sunset with you."
I could easily classify every summer I've had as a dream, except for one. Because simply, dreams stay vaulted away in the deepest part of your memory. You don't miss dreams. Although they brought you smiles at one point, you don't care to relive them.

But it would be a lie to say the glowing chocolate eyes and flawlessly crooked smile I called Alexander William Gaskarth didn't plague my every thought after that one fateful season.

and as they say; you don't know what you have until it's gone.

Melanie Hazel Fischer|Alexander William Gaskarth|All Time Low
  1. Take a Breath, Let it Out Slow
    seasons change with the break of a lifetime
  2. Content With Redundancy; I'm Not the Same Way
    searching for change in directions I want to go
  3. Remind Me Again Why I Thought Twice About It
    we've got ambition like you've got restraints
  4. Come With Me, I'll Take You There
    to a place where we don't have to care
  5. We'll Sit and Watch the World Go By
    welcome to my paradise
  6. Maybe The Time We Spent Was Not Wasted
    let it go, I'll let you go
  7. Where Are Your Guts to Fly?
    soaring through, through the night.
  8. I've Never Tried to Make the Best of My Time
    when I thought that I had plenty of it
  9. And Moonlight Would Provide a Spark
    and that I would stumble across the key
  10. And You'd Help Me Out of the Dark
    and I'd give my heart as an offering
  11. Sing Louder Now
    let's dance the night away.
  12. Break Out, Break Out, as We Escape Through the Window
    head for the car and never look back, sing it, sing it
  13. Seventy Miles an Hour, Windows Up Tight
    and I am home
  14. Get a Grip on the Fact That We Won't Last
    but right now I wanna watch the tide roll in with my best friends
  15. Nothing But the Sunrise Through the Window Pane
    where tired eyes will close.
  16. We Were Just Kids in Love
    the summer was full of mistakes we wouldn't learn from
  17. Our Time is Fleeting So We Take Control
    our days repeating like it's all we know
  18. Like You Don't Give a Damn About the Consequence
    just say anything
  19. I've Never Really Been Good With Goodbyes
    so keep holding on, I'm holding on
  20. Are We Growing Up, or Just Going Down?
    it's just a matter of time until we're all found out
  21. And I Will Always Remember You
    as you are right now to me
  22. I'm Not Writing My Goodbyes
    I'm not letting you check out
  23. Don't Forget, We've Got Unfinished Business
    stories yet to unfold, tales that must be retold.