‹ Prequel: The Hidden Truth
Sequel: A Last Good Bye

Reaching Through Darkness

Karen, a twenty one year women from a far outer rim planet, came to the Jedi Academy to train as a Jedi and to move past her fearful and abusive past. Through a lot of rough times and the help of her much loved Master, Mirmo, she faces her fears and becomes the Jedi she always wanted to be. At the end of a fate deciding meeting with the Jedi council, her master requests and receives permission to take her on her first mission to Coruscant.

The trip starts out slow paced, boring as any meditation session could be, until they set foot on the immensely busy ship landing station The ever going up building, the unbelievable diverse masses, and the rush of the fast life is quite a different setting of the quiet and alive Yavin four. Karen is introduced to an old friend of Mirmo who's character is questionable, but proves to be interesting, like the idea of planet wide city that never sleeps.

As Mirmo brings Karen to see the low and high of life of the planet, they discover someone, or someones is following them for unknown reasons. When Mirmo makes the mistake of taking his eyes off his apprentice for just a second, she disappears to face the worse of nightmares....
  1. Exciting future, depressing past
    whoot first chapter, please comment!
  2. Indeed, a long trip
  3. Somewhere I belong
    it's got linkin park in it!!!
  4. Entering The Big Wonder
  5. Highs and Lows
  6. Good 'ol Buddy
    heh this was fun to write
  7. Sexy Black
  8. The Wrath of a Woman
  9. The Dawners
  10. The Plan
  11. Dancing The Men Away
  12. Boss
    criminals, drugs, gangs, beer, and deals
  13. A New World
  14. Yes, size matters
  15. MacPalp!
  16. Politicians
  17. I hate heels
  18. A Kiss
  19. A trip with Skywalker
  20. She's Gone!
  21. In the hands of a sith?
  22. Looking for Her
  23. Romness
    Warning: This chapter contains suggestions of adult material.
  24. The Boss
  25. Raped
    Warning: This chapter contains suggestions of adult material.
  26. Rising Hope
    It has the song Crash n' Burn in it
  27. Kicking Sith Butt Action
  28. The Flight
  29. Escaping
  30. Waiting
  31. The Rape Kit
  32. A Long Night
  33. Pro Life or Choice?
  34. Tale of the Sith
  35. "I'm Comin' Along!"
  36. A Walk in the Dark
  37. No, the baby!
  38. Clashing Sabers
    Warning: This chapter is PG 13
  39. Karen VS. Rapist
    Warning: This chapter is PG 13
  40. The Decision
    Will she keep the baby?
  41. Giving Birth
  42. Tem
    This is the last chapter of the story
  43. FAQ
    The background of the story and everything you wnated to know