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Sequel: A Last Good Bye

Reaching Through Darkness

A New World


I went straight to bed, not pausing to wish anyone good night or the Force be with them, but straight to my room, where I undressed and climbed into bed. I shook my head on the pillow, trying to block out any thoughts about the meeting. Yes, the meeting was disturbing, as well as education and interesting, but tonight I needed to focus with a clear, calm mind. Tonight was the night I teach and help Luke Skywalker project out of his body.

I already knew that around this time Master Skywalker would have crawled into bed and if the Force was with me, he would be in a light sleep, perfect for what needed to be done. I also took the time before we left for the trip to peek into his bedroom so to have no trouble projecting myself into his room. I settled done in my bed, stilling my body into a peaceful sleep, but kept my mind alert. I took a deep breath shook out the restless energy residing in my mind and body.

Projecting out of your body, even for an experienced practitioner like me, is not easy, even if I perform it most anywhere and anytime. To me, I have found the key to projection is knowing yourself, not what people think of you or your image in the mirror, but the true you. You need to know your soul, your spirit. Only then, can one achieve unity and then separation from the body. That is the part most people struggle with. It’s strange because I have spent so much time trying to run away from myself, yet I still could find my soul.

I allowed the image of Master Skywalker’s sparse room fill my mind. At least that’s not hard. I have a wide, active imagination and can easily picture anything. If I have already seen an object, like a bed, it is even easier. His bedroom was simple. There was a low bed, a light standing in a corner, a book self, and a dark wooden night table. The room would be dark and quiet. I pictured myself standing at the doorway, what view I would have and then stopped day dreaming. I focused on my soul leaving my body, sort of peeling away and then standing in the spot I had conjured up.

There are times that I question if I ever daydream this and how to tell if what I am doing is real. When I project and truly leave my body, I know. It is the difference of imagining a room and standing in the room. One instantly and instinctly knows the difference, even half asleep and drugged. It is like asking how to tell the difference between the dark side and the light. It is fairly obvious which is which when presented with one or the other. If I must be pinned to more solid reasons why I know these projects are real is because they aren’t dreams. The content of all my dreams that I have ever had never ever come close to the events that happen while projecting. The scenes, the detail, people, the movements, and the dialog are nothing at all like my dreams. Furthermore when I project, I can still be conscious aware of my body and my surroundings in ways I never have or will be in my dreams. There may be times that I question, but I always come back to the same fact. These projects are more real than what human kind foolishly calls reality.

Through closed eyes, almost displayed like a hologram, I saw the room Master Skywalker slept in. I took a step forward and looked down at my feet, covered in my normal boots the Jedi had given me. It was good to be back in Jedi clothing and not be displayed like a fancy, eye catching doll. The change in clothing did not bother me because when projecting anything and everything was possible, even stuff you didn’t know could or believed could happen, did. This project should be fairly simple and ordinary. My job was to help another person come out of their body. Nothing weird was to be expected, but I also had been through enough to know nothing was ever straight forward. I walked over to Master Skywalker’s bed, staring at his peaceful sleeping figure. His eyes were relaxed and not moving, meaning he had not fallen into REM sleep. While one can project through REM sleep, it would be better for me if he hadn’t gotten to that sleep stage.

Watching him sleep was strangely addicting, but a nagging voice wouldn’t let me relax. I knew I was stalling. I knew I wasn’t sure what next to do. The trouble was, I never had helped someone project this way. I always told someone over a computer what to do, not project to them and then guide them through. My mind turned back to why I was chosen and not someone else. True, I had years of experience of projecting and giving advice, but I still couldn’t understand why me. I had been given this task by the dead, with the Force, Jedi and had to wonder why they didn’t do themselves. What did I have that they didn’t? Was it simply because I was alive? Perhaps it was easier for someone alive to help another alive being project? Maybe the first timer would incur less shock? I scolded myself for getting off track again.

The main problem was I wasn’t sure how to reach the soul of Luke. I didn’t know how to awake his soul and make his soul aware of me. I reached out to the Force, for the Force always had an answer if you knew what question to ask and how to interpret the answer. I scanned the Jedi in front of me, being careful to probe lightly into him as to not wake up him. The sleeping person before me felt alive and awake in a sense. I could tell he was aware of me on some level of his conscious. Carefully, I probed closer to his mind, looking for a response from his soul. I felt something, something I could not explain fully, but like when a person first opens their eyes to realize they are awake and don’t know where they are. I tentatively stood next to the sleeping, still body and put an astral hand on his lay which lay on top of the sheets. The physical hand was still, yet another hand, more like an image of a hand appeared. My eyes widen in shock. He was becoming aware of his soul and thus his astral body was coming out of his “real” body.

The urge to pull him out was great, but had to be resisted. My research that was comprised of talking to various projectors from my home planet told me I should never pull anyone out when they don’t know what is going on or are ready to leave their body. If I did try to pull Master Skywalker out right now, I could do serious damage to his soul. I would just have to encourage him to leave his body and be patient. Patience, in my opinion, was overrated, but a must in a situation like this.

Luke’s body slowly became visible to my astral eyes. I took several steps back to give him space. His emotional response was not what I thought it would be. He seemed confused and curious about this new state he was in. I expected him to be scared and try to go back into his physical body. It was impossible to give a numerical measurement of how long he laid in his body for there is no concept of time in the astral plane. A person can claim they only spent ten minutes why projecting, but in reality, they spent an hour. The concept of time is something the mind has created, but has no meaning in the astral plane.

I decided Master Skywalker had enough time and needed to be introduced to a new property of the astral plane which was communication. I called out his name, not formal Jedi name, but his birth name. He turned his head to the direction of my name and blinked. He stared at the spot I was stand at, but made no sign of recognizing me. Perhaps he couldn’t see me. Some people when first projecting had problems with seeing because they want to use their physical eyes and have to learn to see through their astral eyes. This was a problem I couldn’t help him with. I had the same problem and through practice, got better at seeing.

I called his name again and I saw he became more aware of himself. His right arm moved a bit. I gave a word of encouragement. He lowered the arm back down and pushed his head beyond his physical body. He pushed more and soon half his body was out. He was doing well and I told him to keep going. He did so, slowly, leg by leg and was standing on his bed. I walked over with a grin on my face and welcomed him to a new world. He stepped off his bed, to the ground and looked around. I felt something, possible the Force swirl around the room. He was probably sensing his surroundings. That was the same action I took when I couldn’t see. He walked around his room and stopped at his sleeping body. Master Skywalker reached out and touched his body. Something weird happened when he did that. He disappeared and I heard a gasp. His physical body jerked straight up to a sitting position. Luke looked around and then shook his head. Of course, I couldn’t be seen. He might have been able to sense me, but I was pretty sure he was in too much shock to do so.

He gave the room was last look before settling down into the covers and drifted off to sleep. It was time for me to go back, back to my own body so I could get my sleep. I opened my physical eyes and felt the slight jolt as soul and body became one again. I stared into the darkness of my room and noted Master Mirmo had not come back. I bet he was going to sleep in that chair again. I turned over to my side and cuddled in the warmth of the smelly blankets. I smiled to myself, knowing I had done my job and had done it well. Maybe that’s why I was picked for this assignment.