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Sequel: A Last Good Bye

Reaching Through Darkness



“Alright gentlemen, you have my full attention for thirty minutes. Hurry up because there is a meeting I have to go to after this.”

Nea righteously warned me this senator was going to be tough. She was a tall figure, skinny, with dark hair pinned up tightly against her head and flashing eyes. Her skin in contrast was a shiny pale. Right now her dark, serious eyes were centered on me. I suspected this was to show me who was in power, yet the effectiveness of the gesture was lost on years of thorough training provided by the Jedi path. I calmly told her we from the Dawners.

“Oh, good, another new street gang and let me guess, full of lies right?”

For a second a gritted my teeth. I started telling her what the mission the Dawners when she interrupted me.

“Yes, I know who they are. They were gang of thieves and striving drug addicts who overtook a perfectly good government all in the name of promoting peace. The poor will always think they can run governments better the poor and they are always wrong. Those with money and power should and will run those without. I am sorry gentlemen, but this meeting is over. I will not be associated with your low class type.”

With that, she walked pass us, to the door. She was about one step away when I told her I would then take this issue to the Chancellor. My words did their magic. The senator paused in mid step, having gone stiff and cold in manner. She turned around and stared cold, narrow, dangerous eyes, with an undercurrent of fear in them. She knew all too well we were not bluffing.

“You would not dare!”

On the contrary we would. I pulled out my comm link to show I was not insincere. She took two long strides in her high heels and had an unused look similar to begging.

“Ok, let us not bother our dear Chancellor with such trivial matters. Tell me, what are these matters you wish to discuss with me?”

Surrender spoke in every feature of her. It was clear to both of us she was not on such great terms with the Chancellor. I could use this to my advantage. I mentally told myself to focus. This would be the hard part. The sell pitch had to be perfect. I told her about the law that had been passes and what was going on with the lower classes. She did not seem to care about starving children or murder happening every hour in the chaotic conditions the government had created.

“So what if some nowhere man gets shot? People die every day and there is nothing we can do no matter how many units of law upholders we send down there. Frankly sir, I do not know you or why you even care, but I can tell you should stop. It is a waste of time and money. The poor will always be poor with murderers and starving children. As long as they do not come to the higher levels of civilization, I see no reason why I or anyone with money and power should care.”

This lady was not just tough, but had a cold, empty heart. In order to persuade her, I realized I would have to put terms in way she would understand. I painted a picture for her full of mass murder, weapons in the hands of the lower classes, and the government in ruins. Her job, her power, and her money would be gone. She would be living in a shabby shack, with ragged clothes, being ignored as the poor ruled the rich. This was the picture she would live in if something was not done soon for the poor.

“Clearly you do not have all your facts straight. Let me educate your wild imagination. There was a scandal in the senate and several senators were caught making some deals with a major gang. You can imagine the fun the holo news had with this. The rest of the senators moved quickly to cover up this disarray and talked to the guilty gang. A private deal was made between the gang and senate. If the gang would keep their hands clean of the senate for a period of time, the senate would pass a law that would restrict the flow of drugs being transported, so only that gang would have free access and the rest of the gangs would suffer. Does not surprise me that now there are gang fights, but that was the request of that gang. So you see, I will have nothing to do with this. If the lower classes want more peace, they can control their gangs better.”

I thought for a minute. The gang lords obviously were unaware of this information. Should I try to work out a deal with this senator without consulting them again?

“Excuse, but your time is up. I have an important meeting and after that I must get ready for the yearly Chancellor's ball. All the senators will be there and my presence has been more favored.”

I thanked her and bowed. I had hardly straightened up before she quickly left the room. I stood for a moment, letting the Force fill me. I straighten up and walked out of her office to join Nea and Karen who I asked to wait out this meeting. Karen looked bored out of her mind and Nea was reading a pamphlet about the benefits of spice, probably working up a new angle to sell his homemade stuff. I motioned them to follow me.

“So my Force using friend, how was your mighty battle with the steel hard mind of a politician? I saw her walk out rather angry and strangely with an air of defeat. What did you do? Pull out your lightsaber as a threat or did you convince her of the wonders of dull, useless meditation?”

Karen snickered behind Nea’s back. Maybe she was never going to admit it, but she had come to like Nea with all his faults. I told Karen she had earned herself an hour of meditation when we got back to Nea’s apartment. Her bright, shining eyes closed with a moan of complain and boredom.

“Ouch Mir. Must you be so hard on someone so beautiful?”

I stopped in the middle of the hall having not heard of what Nea said. I felt a flare in the Force. The flare was a warning, the strong feeling of danger near by. Muscles tensed and my hand went close to where the lightsabers were underneath my long tunic. I looked around, but all there was to see were senator aids and government workers hurrying around. Nea abruptly tripped and bumped into me. I felt a smug smile form on my apprentice's face. Mentally, I upped her punishment to two hours of meditation. A flash of annoyance and worrisome passed through me as the feeling of danger left. This was the second feeling I got from the Force, yet I knew nothing more. I decided there was no point in telling the others, but to keep a closer eye on the people around us and keep the group more together. I wait until we were settled in Nea’s car to explain to the group what had happened. Both of them stayed mercifully silence for several blocks.

“Hmm, well that is interesting. I think there is more than what she told you pal. Someone had to uncover this scandal and who ever did it had a reason better than to embarrass some rich snobby senators. Still, we should relay this information to Ven and let him decide on what to do next.”

I agree with Nea and said there was one more thing we should do.

“And what in the seven Sith lords is that?”

We needed more information. First hand accounts and interviews always helps gain more information. In order to do that we needed to meet with the senators those were involved. We were going to attend the Chancellor's ball.