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Reaching Through Darkness

I hate heels


I hate high heels. I hate the fact that I can barely balance while taking pain- staking tiny steps, while trying to act the role of someone rich and graceful all at the same time. Meanwhile, my feet have been forced into way-too narrow shoes with all the weight and pressure being centered on the front pad of my feet. Then there is the silent game between females of who can stand and dance in their heels the longest before giving in, sitting down and taking off the accursed things. What is worse is we go to all this trouble and suck up so much pain, yet the males never noticed or care about the shoes or understand the pain. It is another blasted part of being a female and society expects us to participate in the game no matter what the cost is.

The rest of my outfit I loved. I had spent half an hour in the shower while the men figured out what to do about Mirmo’s lack of ball-going clothes. I spent another twenty minutes straitening, gathering, curling, and spraying my hair into artistic perfection. Then I slipped into a borrowed evening dress. I did not want to know how Nea got his hands on to it. My face was touched up with what I thought was the right amount of makeup. And finally came the matching high heels and much cursing out of my inability to walk.

The most fun I had that night was enjoying the stunned look on my master’s face. The men were busy talking boring politics and when they heard the loud thump of my gangly feet, they both turned towards me, gaping, and mouths wide open in pure shock, amazement, and disbelief. A smirk of a proud smile grew on my face. I didn’t dress up much, but when I did, I went all out.

“Karen…you… you are...”

I wanted to laugh so hard at Mirmo’s failure to depict me.

“Oh my sweet, sweet, beautiful, gorgeous-”

I gave a small cough to stop Nea right there. He knew all too well what I would look like when he got a hold of these clothes and I didn’t want any more flatter from him. I took a step and nearly fell on my feet. Mirmo rushed forward and lend me a hand. I angrily refused it. I was not some frail sweet young thing that needed male protection at all times. If Mirmo had unconscious fell into that typical stereotypic male role, I was going to force him out of it. I softly snarled and pushed his hand away, which he quickly retracted. Our eyes met and I silently told him not to ever do that again. Through The Force, I knew he understood my feelings towards the role I would have to play and accepted my dislike. I hated the upper middle class, wanting to act rich, family and people that I had grown up in and this was a bad reminder of who I once was.

“Nea, I think you have said enough about my apprentice. Karen, you look great, but your shoes are a serious problem. You can not run in to, not to mention walk fast and there still is some danger in the Force. I sense whatever is coming, is speeding towards us faster than I would like to think about. I need you to be able to protect yourself and these shoes are not going to allow that.”

Nea brought up the idea about caring my Jedi boots in a bag that he would bring as well as some clothes more appropriate for moving quickly in. Mirmo uneasily agreed to the idea, but I could tell he was still worried. In my opinion he was being overly worried, a bit reminding me like my father who drove me crazy with rage. I wasn’t give time to be frustrated with Mirmo because Nea hurried us out to his car. We flew into the night car light up by a billion sparkling lights created by light up buildings, millions of flashing signs, spot lights to attract wondering eyes, and the head lights of cloud cars zooming by. The night seemed more like the temple’s dusk time rather than the pure black sky that came later on in the evenings.

The ball was held at one of the most impressive buildings. I have little interest for buildings, but this managed to grab my attention. It helped that most of the lights around the building was directed at the off color white stone that gave off a silver gleam. The soaring walls made of solid, unbreakable stone gave a sense of strength and pride. The curves of the arches and the carving hidden in surprising places left me with a feeling of beauty and grace. This was the Chancellor’s home. This was where the ball was being held.

Nea flew up to one landing outcrops and stopped the car. A servant looking, greenish brown alien walked up to Nea. Nea handed the being a data-pad. The servant glanced at it and nodded with a wave on his hand. Nea came back into the car and told us he would go park it and meet up with us later. Mirmo got out, now in his fancy deep red and black silk tunic and pants with a pure black cloak. He opened my door like a gentlemen and helped me out. My dark red, nearly the color of deep blood dress trailed off the seat. I took a moment to steady myself on my stupid heels. Mirmo smiled in a way that made me want to smack him as he took my arm and we proceeded into the grand building.

If the outside was impressive, there was no word to describe the inside. Perhaps I had gotten to use to the dim hallways of the temple, of the lack of art and culture at the dinning hall. The jungle surrounding the temple had seemed wordless with wonder, yet this place was a whole new wonder of its own. I could have attempted to describe what I saw, but my vocabulary seemed to be too limited. What did stand out most in my mind were the people, and more clearly, the masses and variety of people. There were humans, Wookies with their height and fur, Sullustan, Tammarian, Bothan, Fosh, fish like Mon Calamari, Barabel, blue, twin tailed Twi’lek, and others that Mirmo’s zoology lessons hadn’t taught me to recognize. There were as many species as there were humans at the party.

I have never been much of a partier, though I have been to many parties. In proper, high class, social parties one introduced themselves to millions of people and talked of food, other people in a correct fashion, and present and future plans. The food at these parties was never good and non alcohol consumers, like me, had problems getting something besides water. At school- hosted parties, the party was the warm up to sex later on at the hotel. The dancing was a way to get body closer to lover body and to make everyone sweat to death just by standing in the dancing floor. The food and drinks were good, but being single and unattractive there could be suicidal. As Mirmo lead me through the tables above the dancing and socializing level, I saw a mixture of both types of parties.

We were seated at a table covered with fine light blue silk with crystal wine glasses. A waiter droid came by and put a bottle of imported red wine between us. Mirmo poured some in each of our glasses.

“You do not have to drink it, but considering the role you are playing tonight, you best at least look like you drink wine. Remember, proper lady.”

I made a face at him and remained quiet. I took the wine in my hand and sniffed at it. Yuck. Mirmo shot me a look. I sighed and straighten up my back as was as my dress.

“We are going downstairs to introduce ourselves to the Chancellor and then I will turn you loose. I need to dig around and see what information I can pick up on this deal made by the senators and the gang lords. Be on the look out for Nea and tell him to come. me when you find him. I trust that you can behave yourself?”

I dutifully told him he could and he nodded with approval. He took my hand again and we slowly went down stairs because that was as fast as I could walk. Master Mirmo found the eloquent Chancellor Leia talking to some aliens, a species I didn’t recognize. Mirmo introduced us as our actor’s names and when Leia hugged Mirmo, I heard him whispered something. She straightened and studied us a bit more. I felt a light touch of the Force pass through me. I smiled a bit and sent a similar touch to her.

“Thank you Master Mirmo for identifying yourself. I will keep it to myself and contact my brother to let him know how your mission is going. If you have time later, I would like to talk to you about your mission and see if I can help you in any way I can.”

Mirmo thanked her profoundly and excused us. He stopped half way through the huge room and let go of my hand. Then he walked to a near by group, leaving me to find someone to talk to. I gulped, gathered my nerves and plunged into the world of high society.