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Reaching Through Darkness

A trip with Skywalker


The kiss wasn’t suppose to happen. He, with is catching eyes and sweeping looks, took me in his arms and before I knew it, bent my head back into a romantic, passionate kiss that stole my breath away and stopped the inner workings of my mind. He mouth worked with such lust and need for me, I was lost in the feeling of being wanted, or being needed. No one, not the two boys I had dated years back, ever made me feel that way. In truth, I had never been much of dating material due to my strong tom-boyish personality and dress code.

The ride back was a nightmare. The silence in the cloud car was murderous. I wanted to say something. I needed to explain what had happened at the dance, but I sensed Mirmo was not in the mood to talk. When I sensed a presence near by me and my future lover, I looked up and froze. I had seen my father instead of Mirmo. I froze because that was a reaction I developed with my father. I always feared my father and when I did something I knew he would at least be unhappy about, I freaked out.

Going to bed this night took longer than usual. Getting out of the tight-fitting dress was hard. Then I had to scrub my face clean, knowing it was useless. I would break out later on no matter what I did. Finally, I crawled into bed, but did not go to sleep. There was another training session to be done with Master Skywalker.

Now that he had found his astral body and come out of his physical body it was time to take him to the next step. The goal of this session was to show him some of the different astral properties. But first, I had to make sure he knew how to get out of his body again. As they say at the temple, there is no such thing as too much practice.

I imagined myself at Master Skywalker’s room, standing right next to his body, hopefully him there, lightly sleeping. I then disconnected myself from my body and focused on bringing out my astral body and to that spot I had in my head. I felt the change happen and knew I had done it. I was now in Luke’s room. My hope came true. Luke was on his back, asleep. I called out his first name. His physical head turned to his left. Well, at least he was in a light sleep. I called his name again, being quieter. There was no response. I wondered what to do. Perhaps he still didn’t get how to leave his body? How was I going to get him out? I couldn’t pull him, nor did I want to call his name until he woke up.

His eyes opened and for a second I was cursing the world out until I looked more closely at his eyes. I realized his physically eyes were still closed, but his astral eyes had opened. I breathed a sigh of relief. I called his name one more time and his eyes spotted me. They grew wide in expected shock for a second, but after recognizing me, they relaxed. I stayed quiet, waiting for him to separate from his body. I wanted to see him do it on his own without any guidance from me. He took my silence as cue to get up. His astral body rose through his and floated above. He awkwardly straightened his body so he was vertically and descended to the ground. He opened his mouth to talk and something that sounded close to our language came out, but I still couldn’t understand it. I told him to think what he wanted to say for communication. He tried it and managed a thank you to me. I heard him mutter something about this being so strange. I asked him what did he meant by that. I knew what he meant, but he didn’t know that I could hear his thoughts. He gave me a look and asked if I heard him think that. I said yes. I also told him that he would have to mind his thoughts better because there was very little privacy in the astral plane.

I then started my lecture about the Ethereal plane. The astral plane is a collection of planes, some lower and some higher, and the plane that we were projecting to was called the Ethereal plane. The Ethereal plane was a slightly low plane that anyone who could find their soul, could project to. The plane took on the formation of whatever the projected lived. The plane also had many different properties that did not exist on the physical plane where we walked, breathed, and ate. The next plane up was called the astral plane where spirits of Jedi who had become one with the Force upon dying resided.

With that piece of information I jumped up, back flipped, and remained floating in the air. Luke looked at my jump in mild shock. I smiled at him and asked him to join me in my lofty perch. He asked how. How was a good question for someone who was brand new to projecting. I thought about it for a minute and told him just do it. I got another, not quite so mild look of surprise from him. I refused to go into more detail. The astral plane was one of the few things I had the most trouble teaching and Luke was the master of the Force here, not me. He should have known what I meant. With some obvious pondering, he finally decided to take my word and found himself half a meter above the ground. I told him that gravity, weight, and physical strength means nothing here. He nodded and I sensed that he was catching on. I turned to the wall and started walking towards it. When I got to the wall, I didn’t stop, but proceeded to walk through the wall if nothing happened. Internally I shuddered. I couldn’t feel anything, but the idea still disturbed me even after numerous years of practicing it. I turned back and went into Luke’s bedroom.

The look on his face wasn’t so surprising now that he understood anything is possible on the astral plane. I gestured for him to do the same. Master Skywalker walked up to the wall and hesitantly stuck a hand into the solid looking wall. He pulled the hand back and examined it. I saw a tiny shrug and his body passed through the wall. I followed him into a short hallway that lead to a chamber empty except with one lone Jedi knight standing alone, staring at the wall. I smiled and saw another property to demonstrate to Master Skywalker.

I went up to the knight, bent down, showing my bottom to the knight and then flashed my underwear at him. I was careful not to touch the knight, worried that the knight might sense my presence. This was highly rude and should have been shocking to the knight. Yet the knight continued to stare blankly at the wall. I straightened up and looked at Luke. He did not seem too bothered by the gross gesture, but seemed thoughtful. He asked me if Jedi could detect an astral presence through the Force. I told him yes, but you would have to be attuned to the feeling of a presence and hope the presence wanted to be sensed and wasn’t shielding themselves. I shouted as loud as I could at the knight that should have startled the Jedi out of his meditative boring stare, but again the man did not respond. I told Master Skywalker that we could hear him, but he could not hear us. Only those who had become one with the Force could communicate with those who were living.

There was one last property that I wanted to show him that would truly should him anything could be done while projecting. I thought of his bedroom, where I projected to and then transported my astral body to that spot. I waited a moment before teleporting myself back to the chamber where Luke was. I explained there was a short to getting from one place to another when projecting. One merely had to think of the location and then project oneself there without all the walking involved. He nodded and gave it a try. I saw him disappear and joined him standing next to his sleeping body. I told him that was all for this night and I should be back if nothing happens. There were many more properties to show, but this was enough for him to practice with for some time. He nodded and thanked me. I told him it was all part of the job. He smiled and floated his astral body up over his physical body and then suddenly his astral body disappeared. He opened his physical eyes, blinked the dizzying feeling of snapping back into his body, and looked at the spot where I was standing. Of course he couldn’t see me, but I felt the Force touch me. He bowed his head again and lay back down to sleep. I whispered a good night and returned to my body to dream about my daring, handsome kisser.