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Reaching Through Darkness


Warning: This chapter contains suggestions of adult material.

Ch 23

The need to scream was overwhelming. I needed the Force like a druggie needed their daily drug. I needed to fell the universe. I needed to know what lay beyond these dark metal walls that trapped me with a crazy, confusing man. Furthermore, I needed him to shut up.

“You will find an attached mind, one addicted to the meaningless emotions, is easy to see through, leaving the being weak and controllable. Therefore it is your utmost propriety to control your own mind so not to be taken advantage of. The mind of many is weak, an internal mess with no self awareness and a near instinctual fear to look inward. If you are to complete your training, my dear, you need to overcome this fear and rise to a higher level of conscious power.”

He, the pale faced, blond man with a boring, ugly face and a too big nose, had been going on like this for ten minutes. His speech was pointless and confusing. At times I caught a hint of him talking about the dark side and then he would switch to a point that sounded like the light side. He did not seem to be a Jedi or sith, but something in between, leading me to questioning ends. He spoke not of the Force, but only of energy, never giving the energy a name. The lecture seemed to center around the mind and letting go of my emotions. I had no interest in letting go all emotions. I had enough trouble calming my wild rebellious mind to a peaceful state. Trying to let go of all my emotions would be impossible under these conditions.

“If your mind is like the rest of the Jedi I have had the misfortune to encounter, there is internal whirlwind just beyond your primary conscious that your master has trained you to ignore and only focus on unachievable peace. You will never be truly be peaceful the way your teachers dream of being. You can only confront the whirlwind and vanish it from your mind, leaving the mind free of all distractions and thus ready to focus. A focused mind is far more powerful than all the Force combined.”

Like a trained dog I nearly started drooling at the mention of the Force. My mind repeatedly stretched out to find nothing around me. I could barely focus on what he had to say due the nagging, panic feeling inside of me screaming something was horribly wrong. If he would just send me away, I could-

“Enough with your silent begging, apprentice! I grow tired of your wondering eyes and twitching hands. Stop your everlasting whining for your puny powers. They mean nothing and will continue to mean nothing unless you learn what I have to teach you. Your need to feel a world you can not understand is childish and I will not stand a child!”

He finally showed some anger and impatience with me. I wasn’t sure if that was a good thing, but at least he gave me some power over him. He broke his own teachings by letting his emotions conquer him, showing a weakness to me. He presented himself to be a master of something and I only a meek student, but I now knew he was not all powerful. Even without the Force, I still knew enough about emotions to know how to manipulate them to my advantage. The nameless man had collected himself again to present a cold, emotionless state of being. He pressed another button on his chair and leaned over slightly to talk into it.

“Send up the boy and the anti Force kit.”

The anti Force kit? That sounded like something he was going to do to keep the Force away from me. There went my plan to relieve my craving. I was not given long to wonder before the “boy” came in from a hidden black door. I instantly recognized the boy to be my romantic kisser from the night before. I had only recognized him from his face, the rest of him had completely changed. He was dressed in all black, blending perfectly well with the bleak background. He carried a small black box that I presumed was the anti Force hit up the sets, pass me, and handed it to the blond man. The blond man opened the box, peered in, but did not take anything out. He then looked up from the box and smiled at me in an eerie fashion.

“Secure her.”

My dark kisser had retreated behind me in a noiseless manner and took me by complete surprise when he expertly grabbed my arms behind my back and with a swift foot, brought me painfully to my knees. I was held tightly, given no room to struggle from his grip. The blond man approached me with a needle taken from the box that was full of yellow liquid. The blond man grabbed my hair, pulling my hand to my right shoulder to expose my neck. He stuck the needle into the base of my neck and waited for the liquid to enter my body. I closed my eyes in pain as the needle was drawn slowly out. A tiny stream of blood dribbled down my chest and onto my beautiful blue shirt.

“You may take her away Romness, and do what you wish to her. I will call for her when I ready to continue her lessons.”

So Romness was my kisser’s name. Romness pulled my painful up to my feet with my hands still behind my back. I was lead down the steps and out of the room. The hallway we entered was stark white in contrast to the black room. I could hardly see as my eyes adjusted to the bright white of the floor, walls, and ceiling. I was roughly pushed along. My stomach started hurting with intense pain and my body cramped up suddenly. I found myself unable to breathe in shock. I had stopped momentarily and Romness pushed me again, causing me to fall painfully on my bruised knees. The fall was too much and I threw up on this white pristine floor. He growled at me to get up and picked my limp body again. How could this be the same man as the one I spent an hour dancing the night away with? He had been so smooth, so careful in everything he did. He was charming, smart, and funny. Now he was treating me with was much care as a sack of mush grain. He had no grace or manners. He dragged my weak and sick body through the blank white halls and stopped at an unidentifiable door. Maybe he was taking me to a healer? I was wrong. I was shoved into the room and the door slid shut.

I curled up into a sick ball of pain. My head was exploding in unknown agony. What had been done to me? Was that drug injected me suppose to destroy my mind? It certainly felt like it. I managed to roll on my other side to take a look at the room. There was a large white bed, a table with a lamp, and nothing else. Maybe I was sent here to recover? I talked myself to slowly crawl to the bed and haul my body on the mattress. The soft covers and good mattress felt so good. My mind went blank as my body gave up.

I must have fallen asleep because I woke up with a start. A sound had woken up me. I opened my eyes to find Romness in my room. My body was still weak, damp with sweat from a fever. He came to the end of the bed. His eyes were dark and cruel. They traveled up and down my body, resting between my legs. I pulled my legs together and close my body to give him the universal sign. He gave me a slight, hungry smile and then proceeded to strip off his shirt and climb up on the bed. I shivered in fear, knowing what was going to happen.

“Now you are mine. You will serve me well.”

His smile that had wooed me at the dance now sent streams of pure fear through my body. His voice was a deep instinctual one, full of power and manhood. He crawled closer until he was on top of my body. I closed my eyes and tried my hardest to blank my mind out as his hand touched my body.
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