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Reaching Through Darkness

Kicking Sith Butt Action


I was roughly pushed and kicked all the way to the entrance of the door of the creepy guy’s room. I wanted to fight back, but I felt it was useless. There was no point in starting a fight I could not win and would just be killed at the end. The best thing I could do was to keep my anger to myself and just take his insults. He pulled on my hair, yanking my head back with a painful force that stopped me at the door.

“I said stop you stupid woman!”

He slapped me hard across my checks, forcing my head to hurt from the inpact. My face stung as my nerves screamed at me. I wanted to touch the place he smacked me, but I knew I would have to be strong and show no weakness. My eyes flared with boiling anger. I wanted to punch him so badly.

“Calm down my ugly whore. Our master does not tolerate anger very well and it would not do to anger him.”

Several nasty, rude insults came to my mind and it took all my inner strength not to spit them at Romess. I glared at him and he glared harder at me. He raised his hand as a threat and I dropped my eyes. I couldn’t win against him. I was in a position of total weakness. I hated it more than anything in the galaxy, even more than my father.

He commed in the voice box next to the door, saying he had brought me and the door slid open. He gestured for me to go in first. I had a fleeting thought about running right then, but decided I could not get away with it. So, without any other alternative, I walked into the nightmarish room.

I had forgotten how dark the room was. There was hardly any light to see the black walls and what lay in the shadows. The small staircase was vaguely light up so to direct one’s attention to the throne like chair. I hesitated, with my heart pounding in fear, looking upward. There was an odd coldness in the room, like all life had been sucked out, making my throat feeling constricted. I was suddenly pushed forward from behind and stumbled to the base of the stairs. I walked up the stairs with my whole body shivering. I could feel the lack of the Force in the room and the terrifying feeling of being left stripped of my senses. I stopped after taking a few more steps from the top of the stairs and stared at the ground, unable to meet the eyes of who I did not know.

“Welcome back my apprentice. It is time for you to continue your training with me.”

I had not will to hear him ramble on about meaningless stuff. I felt a twinge of pain between my legs and the rage within me replaced the fear. This man trained the jerk who took advance of me and thus must have known what had happened. He was a sith alright even if his teachings said otherwise. Only a sith would use the weakness of a young woman to gain personal power.

“Let us begin with reminding you of what a clear, focused mind can do.”

I growled underneath my breath, wishing the man would shut up. I would not stand for him to lecture me about a clear mind when placed in these conditions.

“The power of the universe is at your hand when you can put aside all meaningless thoughts and emotions. Patterns that can not been seen otherwise shine like a golden beacon, creating new logic never thought of before, allowing you the ability to gain over others.”

Now that was talking like the sith he really was. I told him to shut up in a very loud, angry voice. He paused in mid thought and looked at me in a queer way.

“What did you say, apprentice?”

A part of me was terrified at what I had done and was I was about to say, but there was no turning back. If I were to live, I would have to fight and the longer I waited, the harder the fight would become. If I let him think he had power over me, he would have power over me, making me a dead man or worse, a sith. I told him to shut up again. I was not going to hear his petty lecture about having no emotion. He frowned slightly and leaned forward.

“Your show of anger disappoints me. I thought you had learned your lesson during your time spent with my first apprentice. Romness?”

He looked past me, to the man standing behind me. Romess nodded slightly.

“She is rather immature Master. She clings to her emotions very tightly.”

“Yes I can see that. Apprentice, you must not let your emotions control you like this. You gain nothing from it-”

I interrupted him again with my loud voice, saying while I gain nothing from it, they gained plenty.

“What do you mean?”

He asked that question as if trying to understand what a small child was trying to say. I was no child and hated being treated like one. I bitterly told him I had been taken advantage of. He waved a hand as if what I said was trivial.

“That is of nothing. What matter here is the shaping of your mind.”

I stopped him again, saying what really mattered was I had been raped and I would not let such a crime go unpunished. In response, he smiled slightly and leaned back in the chair.

“And what do you propose you are going to do to ‘punish’ me I think you put it.”

I growled again. He was now mocking me, which was a huge mistake on his part. My father mocked me all the time, making me feel powerless and stupid. It was a feeling I hated and knew too much about. But I knew I was not stupid and was not going to reveal any plan I had.

“Come now dear. I do not have all day to play your little games. Tell me what you are going to do, or let me teach you of power I am now starting to doubt you can handle.”

I said nothing and dropped my eyes to the floor.

“I thought as much. Do not interrupt me again or I will be the one to do the punishing.”

I ignored him and tried to focus on the Force. I had so badly hoped I could somehow reach past the animal’s natural block and dive into the power I needed to live. I was half conscious of the man endlessly talking about something I did not care to know and pushed my mind, searching beyond the room. As much as I tried, I could not succeed.

“Still trying to touch your little Force eh? Indeed you are stubbornly stupid, despite my attempts to educate you. I had hoped I would not have to do this, but you have insisted most firmly. Romness, please secure her for her punishment.”

Romess moved exceedingly swiftly to secure me. He wrapped one arm tightly around my neck, to the point I was almost choking. He wrapped another arm right below my chest, pinning my body to his. The blond man pulled out a small box that I recognized to be the anti Force kit. I started to panic. Even if none of this was happening, I still had a huge fear of needles. He pulled out the needle and started to advance at me. My body stiffened and I tried to control my shaking legs.

“Perhaps you will learn to obey me when you recover from this.”

He walked into a range that had been taught to me by Master Mirmo and out of instinct I kicked the blond man hard in the gut, causing him to fall down. The needle was jerked out of his hand and flew through the air, and straight into his thigh. He moaned in pain as the drug was injected into him. Several seconds later he pulled the needle out, but it was too late. The drug was already taking an effect on him.

Mirmo had also taught me another thing about fighting. When you make a move, don’t stop there, but keep fighting until you are unconscious or safe. Two seconds after the kick, I pulled my right arm out of the loosened grip and elbowed the apprentice hard in the ribs. He immediately doubled over, hugging his right side. I turned around and kicked him in the left knee as hard as I could. I heard a certain crack as my sturdy boot met his knee cap and knew I had cracked it. He fell to the floor, eyes watering in pain, unable to move. I did not waste time watching the blond man twitch and scream from the drug or studied the rapist lie on the floor. Instead, I jumped high, skipping the steps all together and ran for the door. I slammed my hand on the access button and to my surprise, the door opened for me. I raced out the door and into the gray walls of the building. There was no one around so I kept running. As I was running, I focused on calming my mind as fast as I could and when I was able to, I reached out into the Force. I pictured my master, remembering what he felt like in the Force, and sent him a cry through the Force. I had to keep the call short, fearing the sith would pick up on my signature and find me all the faster.
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