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Reaching Through Darkness

Tale of the Sith

Ch 34

Karen had finally calmed down in both her tears and anger. It was a relief to see her return to some more logical and reasonable state. In truth, I had not seen any of this coming and I was having the most difficult time trying to understand her views. She had a strong talent for understanding people and her moral values on life were practically unmatched by all other Jedi. It made little sense to me for a strong empathy to want to throw away a life she was creating. Furthermore, she was a dedicated, hardcore Jedi, who clung to the Jedi ideas as thought it was an almighty truth. I understood she did not want a child under these circumstances, but I felt, as did Master Skywalker, her wants did not outweigh her morals. She was not in any physical danger to give birth or did she lack the means to raise a child. Plus, I was secretly hoping she might allow me to fill in the role of a father.

It was a bit strange to say that I never wanted a kid of my own. My life was not stable enough to properly or safely raise a child nor would I want my child to be connected to my past. The child would never have grandparents or a proud, happy extended family in the traditional sense. I had to wonder if Karen was feeling the same way. I wanted to assure my apprentice that her child would be raised in a supportive, loving family of Jedi who were closely bonded as any good family was. Yet, now was not the time to bring that topic up again, but to focus on formulating a plan on want to do with the sith. The first step to that was to get all the information out on the table.

The meeting with the boss in his private chambers merely confirmed suspected thoughts and gave hard facts that would hold up in a court. It turns out there was a man, an evil man from the very start, who looked up to Palpatine as some sort of god, worthy of copying and bringing back the empire. However, the want be sith had only been a few years old when the Emperor had been killed. There were no records of where the man was born, his childhood, education, or any real background that would tell us why he was so dark and evil. The man showed up from no where in his young twenties, working as an aid for the senate.

The man had no official name, something I was surprised the senate would let slip, but everyone called him Blond for his shocking blond hair and shining pale skin. He was a good aid and was also smart. He never worked for more than a half a year with any one senator or committee. He was given the chance to know all that was going on. Furthermore he was known not to talk, but liger around water centers, or be caught peaking through a cracked door or window, listening to important meetings or speeches. It was impossible to keep him out of any official all member senate meeting. He even got to know the aids for the Chancellor.

For some reason no one ever suspected his behavior to be a threat, or at least worth watching and confiding him to his duties. He basically had access to anything he wanted and he seemed to be gathering a large amount of information from the files he drew that was found on his record. Again the man struck me as smart because he knew to cover his tracks with countless passwords and false files, making him a headache to search through. The time the Boss sent agents to look into the guy, it was nearly impossible to find any true information on Blond.

From the records, Blond had a secret project being started after five years of working as an aid. He seemed to be looking into gang and the lowest class problems that arose in the Senate. Ever since the death of Empire, there had been an alarming amount of grossly poor and a huge, thriving black market. The Republic had tried everything to solve the problem, but they could not over come the fear the lowest classes had towards. Various kind and harsh measures had been tried to raise the poor to a higher status, but threats and near bribes did nothing. The people refused to listen to the government or anyone connected to them. Eventually, the government gave up and let the people run while for years, up until now when the death rates were getting too high for the comfort of the rich.

Blond, as I had said, was smart and saw the problem of the poor to further he evil want of power. Looking back at the actives he engaged it, it is quite clear from the beginning he was plotting to take over the government and start his own. Another interesting fact was he was tested against his will after an accident that sent him to the med bay and found to be Force sensitive. He was enraged by this and worked hard to cover this fact up. It was hard to say if he knew all along he was Force sensitive or not, but chances are he was.

It took Blond years of working in the senate and gathering information, but eventually his plan began to fall into action. He took on an aid of his own, later to known as his apprentice. He was caught on holo cam talking repeatedly to several senators and lobbyists, either with a smile on his face or gestures of imitation with his hands. A month later, several senators were caught talking to the gangs that started this whole mess.

There was only one work of his that talked about his views on the dark side and Jedi, but that one source was enough to label him as a sith. He had some sort of Force training and was training his apprentice of the sith teachings. He boasted about how Master Skywalker could not identity him despite walking right past him. He wrote about how the sad government that he worked for would crumble in his hands, allowing him to restore the Empire.

I finished my tale with that, unable to go further until Karen told us what she learned while in his presence. I turned towards her and noted how she looked away, knowing what I was going to ask. I did not want to ask this of her, knowing it would be hard, but we had to know in order to stop the sith from rising again.
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