‹ Prequel: The Hidden Truth
Sequel: A Last Good Bye

Reaching Through Darkness

"I'm Comin' Along!"

Ch 35

I looked at all the eyes staring intently on me and shifted where I was sitting. It didn’t help matters that my stomach was growling for food and the Jedi weren’t going to allow me to eat until I told them my tale.

“Karen, this will not be repeated to anyone else. We just need to know who we are dealing with.”

Luke put a hand on my knee as he said this to me. I could feel him try to reach me with his words, feeling, and of course the Force. I finally stopped looking at my foot and forced myself to stare into his deep icy blue eyes. Waves of pity and respect rolled off him. I thought it out and knew I had gained his complete trust when I showed him how to project into the astral plane. I had taught him something, probably something more than I knew about. Now he asked me to trust and respect him. Just as any Jedi would do.

I slowly told both of them the full story of my nightmare kidnap. I explained to them the seemingly pointless lectures about the mind and the importance of clearing the mind. I took several deep breathes, sending threatening emotions through my body and away from me. When I was more in control of myself, I looked at the two Jedi. Both of them were puzzled by this. I asked them why.

“Well apprentice, up until now, I was sure we were dealing with a full time sith, but it is a bit strange for him not to talk about hatred. Luke, you know more about sith than I. What is your opinion on the matter?”

Master Skywalker did not answer us right away. He was lost in thought for several minutes, staring silently at the wall behind me.

“I think I know what we are doing. We are assuming this want to be sith, is the same evil dark sith the Emperor and my father was. From what you said Karen, it sounds like he did not fully approve of emperor’s ways.”

I nodded towards him.

“But look at the apprentice he is training. It is more than obvious Romness is been corrupted and purely dark!”

Master Skywalker shook his head and raised a hand to calm Mirmo.

“Surely you know no one is purely dark or light. Look at my father. Look at Obi Wan, my old mentor. If you look at the old remaining logs, he was far from perfect, but no one would argue he was serving the light. Jedi accepts this, but works towards the light and away from the dark. No, I do not believe even young Romness is too dark to be saved. But he may be hard to convince otherwise.”

I waited a second for Master Skywalker to be fully done and my master to be silent before speaking again. I asked Luke if he was suggesting we try to turn Romness to the light. Luke remained silent, again pondering my question.

“We might, but not now. Both of them are a threat to the peace of the galaxy and we must take of that before we can work with Romness. What I am suggesting is we find a way in and capture them so they may stand before trial of the Jedi.”

“The Jedi? With all due respect Master, I thought we would hand them to the courts. In fact, we may be legally required to.”

Luke nodded and looked at me with full meaning in his eyes. I knew he was asking me what I wanted done. I hesitated, trying to answer without my emotions answering for me. I answered his question with a suggestion of asking the Chancellor what did she think was best, since she could represent both the Jedi, public, and government.

“That is what I had in mind. Mirmo?”

My master had gone silent for once.

“If that is what you want Karen, I will follow your orders.”

I stared at him, mouth open, in shock. He gave me a weak smile.

“After all, it is you who are pregnant and it is you who have to raise the child.”

I started to rise out of my chair in offense of what my master had said. I started a threat, but Master Skywalker stopped me and ordered me to sit. I slowly sank down in the chair, glaring at Mirmo. My master stared back in near pity and sorrow in his eyes.

“Karen, calm down. There is no need to go down this road again. Mirmo, please remember your master/apprentice relationship and do not bring this topic up again. Now, we need a way in and a way out if we are going to capture them. Karen told us we will be blocked by the Force in Blond’s chamber, but unless Romness is walking around with ysalamiri, he should be easier to capture. Karen, do you remember either of them having, using, or even talking about a lightsaber?”

I shook my head no.

“That does not mean they do not have one. So be prepared for one to come out of no where.”

“I will take Romness, since it is my apprentice he raped. Luke, you have experience with fighting with sith. You’ll deal with the blond guy? Karen, you can stay here resting.”

Master Skywalker nodded. I stood up in a fit of surging anger. I demanded that I came with them. Mirmo fixed me with a hard, long look.

“Apprentice, you are in no condition to creep around some dark building, not to mention fighting anyone.”

I angrily told him to stop treating me like some delicate flower.

“You are pregnant. You were barely able to walk a day ago. You should stay in bed with Nea watching over you.”

I took a step closer. There was no way he was going to use my pregnancy against me. You couldn’t tell I was pregnant and staying in some smelly apartment wouldn’t do any more good than me being active. I had no idea why he was being so overly protective of me, but I didn’t like it. I told him I would find a way to follow him if I weren’t openly allowed to come.

“Karen, this is an order. You will stay here and not endanger your child!”

I was about ready to spit on him and denounce him as my master. Before I had a chance to get any further with my angry thoughts, I found myself being Force shoved into my chair and Mirmo equally pushed into his. We both looked up to a mildly annoyed Luke. It was almost scary how his light blue eyes flared with a cool flowing strength of power.

“I said enough on that topic Mirmo. Karen, did you even hear what your master said? If you go, you will put your child into danger. I understand you do not want it, but how would you feel if you lost it in a way you could not control?”

I bitterly told him I understood and stood up. Tears were forming in my eyes and I couldn’t stand to cry in front of them. Before either one could say I word, I ran to my room, slammed the door and broke down sobbing.

Sometime later Mirmo came in with a glass of water. I had stopped crying, but now stared angrily into a wall, refusing to speak to him. I heard him take a few steps from the door and stop.


I was too angry with him to say anything.

“Karen, I am sorry for what I said.”

I heard him clearly, but I still did not want to talk to him.

“Please, forgive me. I have come to realize this really is your child and I have no say in what you do. I promise I will not bring up the subject again, unless you want me to. Master Skywalker and I have talked and we agree you can come along with us.”

I turned my head slightly, wondering if what he said was true.

“We will take you along and you can watch my back in the halls.

I heard him walk to the bed and sit down beside me. He put his hand on my upper back, around my tense shoulder blades, and started to rub the anger away. Slowly, the red hot anger faded from my body and mind, leaving me with the pain and shame. I felt shame for my lack of control of my emotions and pain that I would never be able to control them. Out of my greedy need for comfort, I put my head on his shoulder.

“I know this has been so hard on you, but it is not easy for me. I love you like a daughter and I only am trying to do what any father would do.”

Tears leaked through my eyes and dribbled down my cheek. I coughed and told him I loved him too, like a daughter would to a good father. He stopped rubbing and gathered me in his arms, hugging my tightly. I could suddenly feel a tremendous wave of love coming from him. The feeling was warm, safe, and comforting. I had never really been loved like that or allowed anyone to share such feelings with me. At first I was stiff in his arms, unsure if it would be ok to do what I wanted to do. Yet, his feelings were honest and pure so I freed my arms and hugged him back. What seemed to go on forever, but only a few minutes, we broke the healing hug and forgave each other’s sin with a simple look.

“Now, if you want to come, I suggest you get some more suitable clothes on. Make sure you drink that water. You are not completely well.”

I got off the bed, drank the water with one big gulp, and found my black leather outfit Nea gave me.

“Oh and you will need this.”

I turned to my master and saw my lightsaber in his hand. I forgot that I couldn’t wear my lightsaber in the last outfit I was wearing when I got captured and my master had been keeping it safe. I took the cool, metal cinder in my hand and stuck it to my belt. I put on my boots and followed Mirmo to go kick some evil sith butt.