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Sequel: A Last Good Bye

Reaching Through Darkness

No, the baby!


From what I had learned about Master Skywalker, he had once boastfully claimed he was not afraid. Of course, this was to show how he could do any sort of Jedi training anyone could come up with. I have always and will always feel that was one of the most stupid things to say in one’s life. Being a Jedi is all about living a life full of fear and somehow coming off as this calm, cool, collected person who has released their fear and accepts all, even death. I am no Jedi and my near wet pants would prove that.

I suppose one could understand why I was shaking like a leaf at the door where my rapist and dark side attempted converter lay, waiting for me to walk back into their trap. I knew this was a big time trap. I knew they were waiting for us and I knew they knew I was there.

My master made no motion or any signal to tell me if he knew how terrified I was to go back in there. I tried to logically convince myself I would be ok with two of the greatest Jedi this new order knew, but I was trying, not succeeding. I had serious thoughts about turning hid and running all the way back to the cloud car, leaving my master and Master Skywalker to deal with this nightmare of a situation. Yet, I knew Mirmo wouldn’t let me get two steps into my flee, before he stopped me and forced me to walk into that room. Instead, I talked myself into taking one simple step and then another and another until the door hissed and closed on me. The hairs on my neck stood up on end at the sound.

I felt what I had feared during the entire way here: the lack of the Force. This room was more than just dead. It was like being in an alternate universe with the normal rules erased. I tried to feel my master, but he didn’t exist. I didn’t exist, at least not to the Force. My heart raced as did my mind. I hated this feeling more than I hated my father or the man that gave me this baby that I didn’t want. It was worse than watching someone die or knowing you were going to fail a curial test. I was blind, deaf, and dumb all over again.

“Come forward my dear Jedi. No need to be strangers in my room. Certainly your young apprentice knows me quite well.”

My hands instantly went to tight, angry fists. I wanted to punch him for those cruel words. He was mocking me and I hated to be mocked. Yes, I had an ego and that jerk had tripped my ego into inflating with pride and dignity. He was going to pay for that remark.

Master Skywalker led the way up the metal, black stairs. My mind flashed memories of myself climbing up these stairs for the first time. I focused my glaze on Master Skywalker’s back in order not to look at the man in the chair. When we reached the upper platform I forced myself to step to Luke’s side. I saw Romness standing in a smug kind of way next to the blond man. My anger shot up another two levels. It took all my self control not to go up to Romness and smack him across the face and then kick him between the legs. Oh, I wanted revenge like no other.

“Careful, my dear. Remember the power of a clear, focused mind.”

I opened my mouth to retort something rude and clever, but Luke held his hand up. My glare deepened.

“Yes, you are right that a clear mind has power, but only a mind of the light side can accomplish that.”

Luke’s voice matched the smoothness of the man sitting before us. The blond man smiled and tipped his head into a small bow.

“Well done indeed Skywalker. It seems your excuse for training did teach you in the art of smart comebacks. Forgive me, but there is only one master here and we both know you are not it.”

I glanced at Luke, wondering what was going to happen. Would we really just trade small talk while trying to match each other’s wit? That didn’t seem to lead anywhere. Were we suppose to defeat the sith and go home? That’s what I was told was the plan.

“Titles mean nothing when referring to the Force. It is interesting how you chose to block out the Force after spending so many years using it. I have spent many hours trying to riddle out the answer to this weird action and the only answer I have been able to find is you fear what the darkness of yourself is doing to you and cannot bring yourself to see the light within the Force.”

I wondered where this was going and still couldn’t figure it out.

“How typical of you Skywalkers. You taste a bit of the real Force and then run to the puny lightside, claiming how wonderful it is. It was a true shame about your father. Just when he was starting to understand what it meant to be Force sensitive, he met you and was brought to his death. It was a worse shame about his true master, Darth Sidious. Still, where they failed, I will triumph. Your so called government is really in my hands. I have spent years working endlessly, shaping and sculpting weak and greedy senators to obey my wishes. They just don’t know it, just like you Jedi don’t realize how stupid you really are. Take your pregnant apprentice for example and how she swore Romness was the sweetest thing in the galaxy.”

I blushed heavily. How he knew I was pregnant was beyond me.

“See how she blushes like the ignorant thing she is? Tell me my dear, did you really think I wouldn’t check to see my apprentice completed his task? When I realized you were not training material, I decided I could get some use out of you through breeding. Your child will be my legacy and the proof that the darkside will always exist. You know it’s funny for the old Jedi council to think that the darkside could be swiped out and order meant the darkside would simply stop exist. The only balance Darth Vader brought was tipping the scale so the sith could finally rule after a thousand years of being denial. It shows the core fault in your Jedi logic.”

Luke’s eyes narrowed, but there seemed to be no sign of anger coming from him.

“I give you one chance and one only to surrender to us. You will be given a fair trial.”

“A fair trial to death. I know the tendencies of the Jedi.”

“So you refuse my offer to live?”

There was a strange sound, coming from near the chair. I half ignored it as I carefully watched the two men verbally spar each other.

“Skywalker, I do not refuse, but laugh. That is no offer. But I will give you a real offer.”

I was not aware of it, but later I realized the strange sound was the anti Force animal, some name I would never be able to pronounce, was being removed from the room. I was so involved in all the drama, that I didn’t even realize the Force was back.

Romness raised his hand at me with a sick grin on his hansom face. I stared at him for almost a second, puzzled, before I felt it. In the pit of my stomach, something felt wrong. My eyes widen in fear as I realized the egg in me being squeezed as well as other things inside of me. I fell to my knees and hugged my stomach. My eyes were closed shut in pain. Mirmo quickly lowered down to my level and put a hand on me while demanding to know what was going on. When I didn’t answer he rose back up.

“What are you doing you sick-”

The painful pressure suddenly stopped as fast as it started. I raised my head to see my master locked in lightsaber combat with Romness. The blue and red colors, shining from each blade, hissing angrily as each man tried to overcome the other in a match of raw strength, captured my attention for sometime. Luke had positioned himself between me, the fight and the sith in his throne-like chair. The blond man laughed as he looked at me straight in the eyes.

“Now Skywalker, let me ask you this: what does your pity code say when the life of an unborn child hangs in the balance of a man who is part of the darkside?”

Master Skywalker raised his own hand at the blond man.

“That you are making a grave mistake.”

I barely registered a green and red lightsaber clash against each other before I momentary blacked out. My last thought was of the innocent and vulnerable baby within me.