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Sequel: A Last Good Bye

Reaching Through Darkness

Clashing Sabers

Ch 38

I stared into Romness’s dark brown eyes, narrowed into glaring slits. His lips were curled back in the expression of a beast that he was. Both of us were grunting and snarling at each other as we held on to our position. I kept inching up my strength, drawing on the Force to flow much needed energy to help me over come him. If I could just find a little more strength I could push him out of the lightsaber lock and force him on the defensive side, the side I wanted him on.

“Face it…puny Jedi…you…have failed…her…and I will…finish her off.”

His voice struggled as his own strength was creeping up. We had both decided to start showing our cards. He broke out of the power show, twirled around, and swept at an angle over his right shoulder. A natural move would have been to start down right and meet him in the middle, but I knew that is what he wanted. Instead, I came from my left and throw his strike away and pushed on. I came from the left again and went for mid body. He blocked it, forced the saber up, near my head. I relaxed and spun beneath the sabers, taking a step back.

He was good alright. He was good enough he might give me some trouble. I watched him spin his lightsaber in a circle, while watching me carefully. He decided to take offense and strike again. I parried this move, feeling a jolt travel up my arm, as he hit me hard. He moved again, this time aiming for my right side. I stepped to my left and clamped down on his lightsaber. The closer his blade got to the ground, the closer my blade slide up to his black and silver hilt. He broke away and took a step back.

“You will never win, Jedi!”

He raised his right hand quickly and I was knocked off my feet. For one mere second, I sat there on the black, cold ground, dazed. I moved quickly to my feet because Master Skywalker and Blond’s battle had traveled over to me. Both men were just about slashing furiously at each other. Each move traveled to the next with a precise grace and beauty. It was the sort of battle I would want my apprentice to watch in a safe class room with rules and no deaths. I nearly got my face slashed off as Blond made an attack on me. I ignited my lightsaber just in time to block and step back.

I regrouped with Luke, standing side by side with him. I had trained enough with him to know his next coming move and work with him. We raised our lightsabers at the same time, in the same angle, but just as Luke attacked, I switched sides. Blond first attacked Luke with a hard shove of his blade, followed by a just as quick backhand parry to another Luke’s attack. He half turned his body and met me very close to his body, but his face showed no concern, only a smug look of pride and arrogance.

I attacked again, sensing Luke was near by, close to making his own move. Our goal was to overcome him and tired him out. Our approach was to go one by one with attacks, changing them and never giving Blond a break. To his credit, Blond put up a good show of meeting both our attacks, never seeming to tire. He was also using every defensive attack known to lightsaber duelers. He would jump over our heads and try to take only one of us, but Luke and I kept moving around so he always was attacking both of us at the same time.

He seemed to slowly come to the understanding he was going to lose. He was fairly good at fighting, do not get me wrong. If he was just me and him, he very well could have won. Yet, Luke had more training and experience than anyone in this galaxy. His attacks lost their strength. His moves were not lighting fast anymore. There was raggedness in his quick breathing that told me he did not have much more in him. Luke took a step back and lowered his lightsaber, a sign that I knew meant he wanted to say something.

“Surrender and you can live to see another day. You can not keep fighting a battle you have lost. I will personally see to it you receive a fair trail by the Republic’s courts and not by the Jedi.”

Blond threw back his head and laughed insanely.

“Never will the sith surrender to the Jedi!”

He spun around unexpectedly. I had been holding my lightsaber at waist level, angled to cover most of my body. Blond must have been more tired than I thought because somehow he did not seem to realize where I was and spun right into my blade. I jerked the lightsaber back, only to cause the lightsaber to go deep into his left side, just under his ribcage. He looked down at the huge wound and realized he had truly lost. He dropped to his knees in shock and in pain. His red lightsaber fell from his relaxed grip and banged on the floor.

“Kill me!”

He looked straight into Luke’s eyes as he demanded this. Luke could only shake his head.

“Kill me!”

He screamed it with his voice bouncing off the distant walls.

“No, I can not!”

“Kill me like an honorable warrior would!”

Again, Luke shook his head in denial. Blond screamed in an angry, primal way and Force called his lightsaber to his hand. The red blade was ignited again. He screamed again and thrusted the blade into his chest, directly into his heart before he fell to his side, forever dead.

Luke and I could only stand there, staring mindlessly at the dead body. There was no blood, but the gashes in the corpse were real enough. I came out of my shocked state to remember my apprentice. I called out to Luke to help and we both turned around to find out what we were missing out on.