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Reaching Through Darkness

Sexy Black


“Karen, time to get up.”

I stirred in my sleep, indistinctly conscious of Mirmo’s voice piercing the grip sleep had on me. A curious grunt came out as if questioning the bed and location of the room I was in. I came to the deduction that the bed more resembled a sack than a mattress and the blankets that were tightly rolled up around me were of old thick and massive shirts than soft cloth. Slowly I opened my eyes with a loud yawn and sharply shut my mouth to keep out the smell. Memories of the night before rushed through my head and a shudder over took me.

Tottering, I stepped over the junk, stuff I was glad I couldn’t recognize, to head out into the hall and to the bathroom. I opened the door and wish I hadn’t. My eyes distinctly found the toilet. Men, I thought. One would have an easier time teaching an eighty year old to feel and use the Force than to teach a guy to flush when they were done. I took a deep breath and moved quickly to push down the button. I only let out my breath when the stinky contents were gone and closed the door. In a few minutes I was happily taking my first shower since four days ago, lavishing in the wondrous feeling of being clean and smelling like fresh outdoors.

I stepped out of the steamy bathroom with a barrowed towel around me to dash into my room again. On my bed was shiny black leather pants and small, but tight shirt, both folded with care. To complete the outfit, there were knee high sleek boots that had pointed narrow heads neatly placed on the floor that were just my size with low heels. I turned over the shirt and saw that there was an artistically dip in the black, leaving my upper back mostly exposed. I put them on to find the pants fit fine, but the shirt was tight, so close fitting I had trouble putting the garment on. I knew this was the choice of that devious Nea guy who Mirmo liked so much. I put a hand on my slightly bare stomach, knowing the shirt was meant to be too small. The image in the mirror showed a young slim woman dressed in a sexy black outfit with wet dark brown hair dangling around her shoulders, curling around her upper part of her back and dripping water down her bare skin. I toweled my hair and brushed it out well until it shined. If this questionable being wanted me to look attractive and my master hadn’t stopped him, I should go the full lengths. When I stepped out of my small messed up room, my hair had been braided from the top of my head downward. I walked through the hallway and turned into the living room where Mirmo was sitting in the chair like the night before, drinking a mug of something that smelled like strong coffee and Nea was busy in the kitchen area. Both had stopped their actives and looked up at me.

“Oh M’lady, how lovely you look in those clothes. See Mir, I told you they would fit.”

I resumed my cold icy gaze at him, but he took no notice. I did not like him giving my master nicknames I knew nothing about. Mirmo glazed up and down, to decide if I was appropriately dressed.

“Apprentice, being sleepy gives you no right to stare our guest into a standing ice sickle. You will have to forgive her. Karen tends to be rather grumpy if woken up too early.”

My master returned my look with a harder stare than me, sending my eyes to the ground. An arm from my right handed me a mug of some dark liquid. I accepted the mug and sniffed. A color aroma of sweet spices came rolling out of the steam and drifted into my nose, awaking my senses and stomach. A small sip of the sweet, rich tasting liquid was enough to make my lick my lips and want to purr like a cat.

“It seems that our darling dear agrees with the Falleen bark tea.”

Nea laughed and I worked hard not to choke on a big gulp of the delicious tea.

“Well, she does love her sweets as I have found many of bags of stolen candy under her pillow at the academy.”

Mirmo shot me half a smile. I resisted the urge to calmly down the hot tea over his head and continue drinking.

“A Jedi stealing eh? I thought you all were teaching the young to sit and stare at rocks all day?”

I pitched in that some of us had learned skills before coming to the temple and weren’t so pampered and good as the Jedi dreamed us to be. This sent Nea into another fit of laughter that shook the liquid in my mug.

“I do like her and that sharp tongue of hers. Listen my sweetums, you take a seat over there and I will finish up this breakfast I am sure you will love as much as you do that tea.”

The old battered bluish arm chair creaked under my weight and lowered me almost to the ground. I set the finished tea mug on the filthy carpet and looked over my shoulder to Mirmo to see if I could pick up on what he was thinking. His face was bland; his eyes looked a bit bloodshot, making me wonder if he slept at all. In all honestly, this was not the person I knew. He seemed more relaxed, younger, and more at ease with his surroundings than he was at the temple. His cheeks were burning brightly, the dim light dazzled, and I noticed he was sprawled out in the chair, with one leg hung over the arm of the chair. Never had I seen my master so open in his manner and pose. Even his voice was full of beaming laughter and forever lasting youth. Through the Force I could tell he saw me more as a younger companion and not his apprentice. I was slightly hurt by the distance he set up around him. I covered my feelings and asked what we were going to do today. Nea turned around to hand me a plate of food and answered my question.

“Your master and I got talking last night, late last night, and decided he wanted to catch up with some of his friends from the old days. So after you are done eating, we are going in my car and head down to the lower levels.”

Mirmo got up, put both his and my mug in the somewhat cleaner sink.

“Then I suggest we get going. Karen, would you be so kind as to get your lightsaber so I can deal with it? It would be best if you did not have it in full display.”

I nodded and walked to my room again to retrieve the metal hit of the lightsaber loaned to me for the purpose of this trip. I grabbed the hilt from next to my pillow and was about to turn around when I sensed Mirmo come in. He closed the door and took a step forward. There was a pause of silence between us. It was very clear I was to speak my mind now or hold my tongue. I explained to my master we were dealing with a poor slob of a drug dealer. If the Jedi wanted a better reputation, then we shouldn’t be dealing with this kind of low life that could barely feed us dinner. Mirmo patiently listened to my little rant, staring at me with dull, bored eyes as if I were some spoiled child demanding something unreasonable.

“Do you have any idea how much those steaks cost apprentice?

No, I didn’t, but I did know that when one said the word steak, one meant a hunk of meat and meat universally was expensive.

“Correct. One of those steaks could have bought this entire apartment. Now could I have that lightsaber that is in your hand?”

He said that so calmly, I had to wonder if he was joking. Could this pitiful excuse of a law breaker be so rich as to afford such a costly meal for a mere friend and his apprentice? If he was so rich, then why live in such poor conditions?

“Looks are deceiving my naive friend.”

With that, Mirmo took my lightsaber, hooked it on to his belt next to his and pulled his slightly long tunic over them. He then turned and walked out the door to announce we were ready. I followed him, looking around for hidden treasures.

“Follow me and stick close my dear. Would not want to loose such a fine looking lady.”

The need to snarl at him was intense, but Jedi training held that urge back. Once we were outside of his front door, I stuck close to Mirmo’s left side. We didn’t go far, but to a small elevator shaft. Nea pressed his hand on a grey pad, until it blinked green and the door opened. Was this Nea’s? Was he rich enough to afford a private one? I thought back to the security droid and realized that wasn’t cheap to install. I felt the fine leather of my clothes and the fact dawned on me I was wearing all real leather. These clothes were not cheap either. Apparently Mirmo’s friend liked to show his wealth in subtle ways to avoid unwanted jealousy.

Nea’s cloud car was close to what I now expected. Glossy, sleek, smooth, and above all, fast. Nea opened the door to the passenger side of the front and waved me in. The seats were cushioned with purple soft cloth and thick upholstery. There was plenty of space to stretch out. I turned my head to check out the back and saw the same pattern. The car screamed of richness and comfort. Once Nea sat down in the driver’s seat, a tinted glass covering locked us inside and the engines came to life with a purr.

“Off to the lower and funny side of underground.”