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Ever Graceful with Legolas

Making my way to Isengard

“Where is he Arwen Undómiel? Where is he gone to?” I demanded as I swiftly dismounted my white horse and stepping on to Rivendell.

Rivendell was the second most beautiful place on Middle Earth, Mirkwood was number one in my mind. They had large cream columns supporting the fixtures while their mysterious river surrounded the whole Kingdom. I spent many years here growing up when Mirkwood was under attack by the Dark Lord and learned to love it like a second home. Usually on my visits I would spend my time here to soak in the beauty but this time this visit was not on pleasure as I would have liked it to be.

As soon as I had found out that I was pregnant with Legolas twin’s I rode a hard 6 day ride to Rivendell to discover why he was marching across Middle Earth. Rivendell was the last safe place he has been and I figured Arwen would know what mission he could possibly be on since Aragorn was with him. Including a dwarf, four hobbits, and Gandalf.

Arwen was laying on top of a plush bench with a far off look on her face. When I had walked over to her she didn’t even acknowledge my presence. She could be so infuriating when she was separated from Argorn, all she did was mope about and cast her senses to him every chance she had.

“Your carrying a child…no wait your carrying two children?” Arwen finally asked as she resurfaced into the present.

“Yes, and my fiancé has left me to carry this burden all alone. If I am not married to him before they are born you know that they will not have the grace of the elves. I can not let this happen, Arwen. Please aid me in finding him.”

“You are two days late, for they left on the utmost important mission to save the Free World from The Dark Lord for once and all. If they accomplish this, perhaps Father will let me stay on Middle Earth with Aragorn.” Arwen sighed and started losing focus once again.

“Arwen will you focus on someone who is not you for one second? I promise to leave you to your thoughts as soon as you answer my last question.” I was on the verge of shaking her. I loved my cousin Arwen, we have grown up together and seen over 1,000 years together but lately all she is able to think about is her love. Not that I blame her since Legolas is on the top list of my mind.

“What is your question then dear Cousin?” her attention finally on me

“How can I find him?”

“Follow their trail is the best answer I can give for they did not leave a route that they were going to take. Last time I checked, though, they climbing the Misty Mountain with great trouble. They soon will have to turn back.” Arwen they rolled over so her back was to me as a signal to scram.

“Then I will go ahead to that passage and hope to cross them or their trail. Goodbye cousin.” I swiftly mounted my horse.


Their trail did not reach the peak of the Misty Mountain which means they probably went through the gap to Rohan or to the gates of Moria. If they went through Moria, I would not follow them. For I could sense even from here the darkness that lurks deep in those mines. I was at the bottom of the Misty Mountain and decided to take a break to rest. Maybe I could cast out my senses and see which route they have taken.

I laid down in the grass on my back and closed my eyes. Soon I was hit with the pain that Legolas was feeling. Someone had died… Gandalf. This could not be true! Pain of my own overwhelmed me as I pulled away from him. Gandalf was all hope of Middle Earth. He could not have passed. I cast out my senses to him and found something surprising. I then called on the future to see if it would explain my findings and smiled at what I saw. Yes Gandalf the Grey was dead. But Gandalf the White was being born.

In my visions of past, present, and future I learned that the gate to Moria was now blocked with rocks. Plus the bridge out was broken not mentioning the evil things dwelling their. Which leaves only the passage to Rohan.