Sequel: The One That Got Away
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Who'd Have Known.

There once was a girl who never knew love until a boy broke her heart.

Juliet Burton. Daughter of director Tim Burton and actress Helena Bonham Carter. At eighteen years old she has become a model for Chanel but she still needs the extra money as her father believes she should make her own money.

Unfortunately for Juliet the job hunting isn't going as well as she had hoped. During filming of the new film 'Alice in Wonderland' Actor, Johnny Depp, over hears about Juliet's current crisis. He offers her a job for babysitting his two children, Jack and Lilly Rose while his girlfriend is currently away abroad filming her new film.

Over the moon, Juliet takes the job and starts right away. She has known Johnny since she was a small child and his children love her like a older sister. The only problem is Juliet has always had a crush on Johnny since puberty, so how can she cope being his babysitter for the next 12 months?

Originally 'Fall Into You'.

Disclaimer: I do not own Johnny Depp, family members or any other celebrities involved in this story. However, I do own this story line and my own original characters.