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Just Say Yes

I'm All Yours

Three days had past since the kiss, Brian had driven the four and a half hours home that same night his mind reliving the kiss over and over. Which was something new for him since he had kissed lots of girls in his life, lots was probably even an understatement, but normally when he kissed a girl he never gave it a second thought. She was usually just one of many. But with Erin it felt different.

Even with Michelle the first time they kissed he had been drunk off his ass at a party that Matt had thrown back when the band was about to record their first full length album, he barely remembered most of that night. He just remembered waking up naked next to Michelle and they both laughed it off as a one night stand which he had been fine with at the time since he wasn't looking for a relationship. It wasn't until over a year later that him and Michelle became official after a few more drunken hook ups.

And that's how his relationships generally started, with quick hook ups that sometimes lead into something more, and other times they were just one night stands. He wondered if that might have been why all those relationships failed. He was determined not to do the same thing with Erin, he liked her, a lot and he wanted to continue to see her and get to know her.

Now here he was sitting watching TV, not even really paying much attention to the people on the screen. He kept wondering if he should call Erin or not, it had been three days since they last saw each other, and each day he wanted to call her but figured he'd leave it to her. He thought about it intensely for the next half hour, and he had come to the conclusion that she had made the first move so the least he could do was call her and see where her head was at.

He punched her number into his cell phone, he had memorized it since she slipped that note into his pocket three and a half weeks ago. He stared at the number momentarily as he walked out onto his balcony where he could see the waves crashing against the shore, the sky was darkened slightly signaling that soon the moon would be visible. Brian leaned his forearms against the railing, pressed the call button and brought it to his ear. It rang twice before he heard a familiar feminine voice answer on the other end.

“Hello?” She spoke softly, making him almost forget to speak.

“Hey gorgeous,” He said with a smile.

She giggled quietly. “Hi, is that your nickname for me now?”

“Yeah, do you hate it?” He tried to sound like he was joking, but he really was checking to make sure it didn't make her uncomfortable.

“No, but I think if you have one for me I should have one for you,” She paused briefly, adding some suspense to the big reveal “Tiny Dancer.” She finished with a girly laugh.

Brian groaned, shifting on his forearms as the railing was digging aggressively into them. “Couldn't you think of something a little more masculine?”

“I could but where would the fun in that be?” She joked, then paused, thinking over what she wanted to say to him. Meanwhile Brian took the pause to stretch his arms and stand upright and leaned his backside against the railing. “I have something to ask you.” She said, breaking the short silence.

“I'm all yours.” Erin's stomach fluttered at his words even though he didn't mean it in the way it came out, though the thought was still in her mind.

“You've met pretty much all my family, and I barely know anything about yours.”

“You want to know more about my family?” He questioned and smiled to himself knowing that was good sign of her still being interested in continuing whatever they had going.

“Yeah, well you know Jon, my grandma, Lisa and all about my parents. I don't know anything about yours other than your dad got remarried, and you have three siblings, two of them being step siblings.” He was impressed that she managed to remember the information he did tell her, most of the time when he got to know someone they could careless about his family or what they were like.

“You got time?” He quipped, he could go on about his family, especially his dad.

“I'm not going anywhere.” She giggled, pulling her comforter further up her body so only her head and hand with the phone were exposed.

“Okay so my little sister is eleven, and everytime I take her somewhere all we listen to is Hannah fucking Montana, I wanna shoot myself.” Which caused a laugh from the other end.

For the next half hour he told her everything he could think of, he told her all about McKenna's love for Hannah Montana and how he was nervous for her getting older and having to chase boys away. He told her that his dad was a comedian who also played guitar, and traveled a lot when he was younger. He made sure to note that they still had a great relationship regardless, and that the only time it was rocky was when he was being a dumb ass in high school and wanted to drop out.

He explained that because of his dad being away so much when he was little and his parents were still together, he was the lucky one to help his mom cook dinner every night which was why he was so comfortable in the kitchen. He promised that one day he'd cook her one of his moms best dishes.

He also told her a little about his step mom and how it took him a while to accept the fact that his parents weren't together but eventually he did and his step mom was a great woman. He was about to tell her a funny story about him and his brother, Brent back when they were younger but someone yelling 'Gates' at him interrupted that.

Brian glanced up and saw Jimmy walking out onto the balcony, notebook and alcohol in hand. Jimmy stopped his yelling as soon as he saw the phone next to Brian's ear.

“Jimmy's here, he wants to hang out. Call you tomorrow?” He asked, hoping she wouldn't be angry with him for spending some time with his friend. That was one thing with Michelle that he couldn't stand, her constant need for his attention and not letting him spend more than an hour apart from each other.

“Of course, tell him I say hi. Goodnight.” Erin said softly, and he told her goodnight as well then hung up the phone, turning his attention to the tall drummer in front of him.

“Was that Erin?” Jimmy had a large smile on his face. Brian chuckled at his friend, tossing his phone into his pocket.

“Yeah, she says hi.”

“And how's the gorgeous blonde that's stealing my dear Brian's heart?” Jimmy joked, patting Brian on the back playfully.

“She's good.” Brian nodded his head towards the door that led inside, they made themselves comfortable in the living room. Jimmy opened the bottle of vodka almost immediately, taking a significant amount into his mouth, then winced as it went down his throat.

Brian shook his head at his friend, then grabbed his guitar from the spot where it sat beside the couch, Jimmy took a seat across from him, vodka bottle in one hand and pen in the other.

About an hour or so later the bottle of vodka was pretty much empty, Brian had taken a few mouthfuls of it but not enough to get him remotely drunk, Jimmy on the other hand had, had enough to make him ramble and start talking about the most random things. Granted that was what Jimmy usually did, his drunken ramblings where even more odd than his sober ones.

Currently Jimmy was laying on the smaller of the two couches, his long legs draping over one end and his head resting on the other. Little to no writing actually got done, Brian had just played around with different notes on his guitar the whole time Jimmy downed the vodka.

“How do you know when you've met the one Gates?” Jimmy rambled staring up at the ceiling, his hands folded on top of his chest.

“Uh, I don't know.” Brian wasn't really sure where this was all coming from, Jimmy didn't normally talk about this kind of stuff.

“Did you ever think Michelle might be the one?”

Brian paused before answering, biting his bottom lip. “For a while, why are you asking this dude?”

“I think I'm gonna propose to Leana.” He said seriously, then smiled. He turned his head to look at Brian. “And I think you will propose to Erin one day.” Jimmy pointed his finger animatedly at him.

Brian looked at his friend questioningly. “We've only known each other a month. It's a little soon for that man. I'm gonna cut you off now.” Brian stood up from his spot on the couch and grabbed the almost empty bottle that was tucked in between the couch and the drummer's body.

“She's perfect for you. She's funny, gorgeous, I see how excited you get talking to her, she loves our music... what more could you ask for?” Jimmy half smiled lazily, his eyes drifting closed as the alcohol put him to sleep. Brian froze, bottle still in his hand, running through what Jimmy had just said.

'She loves our music.'

He didn't know how long he stood there, his mind replaying that over and over. He thought back to all of their previous conversations, some of them making a little more sense now that he had this information. Especially when a few nights ago in her kitchen when she made the comment about his ability to cook, he joked that she didn't know a lot of things about him and she gave him the mysterious reply of knowing more than he thought.

She knew about the band. She knew that he was known to most of the world as Synyster Gates and played guitar for a living.

She knew who he was the whole time but never said a word.
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