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Just Say Yes

Just Trust Me

It was two weeks later and six o'clock on a Friday night by the time Brian found himself in front of the familiar Boulder City home. Luckily for him his flight had decided to land on time because he only had a mere thirty-six hours to, as he wrote on the card, 'seize the day'. The tour wasn't over but him and the guys still had another week left but they had thirty-six hours free so he had flown in from the east coast, North Carolina to be exact, just to come back and surprise Erin. He quickly checked the back of his SUV just to make sure he had his duffel bag then slowly walked towards the door.

He felt the nervousness swell in his stomach and wondered how Erin would respond to his surprise, he was hoping that she wouldn't kill him when she found out what exactly the surprise (other than him being here) would be. Corinne had assured him it was really good idea and Erin would love it, however he wasn't fully convinced but he went along with it anyway and hoped for the best.

He tread up the stairs quietly, he didn't want to alert Erin that he was here, Corinne said she would leave the front door unlocked so he could let himself in. He tried to open the door just as quietly as he had walked up the porch stairs but with it being an old home, the front door made a squeaking sound as it opened and then shut.

Then from upstairs, he could hear heels tapping against the wooden flooring, then a female shadow against the stairwell wall. “Is someone down there?” He heard Erin ask, he moved so he wouldn't be in her line of vision. He didn't make a noise. “Grandma?” Erin huffed, and he watched her shadow move towards the stairs.

Then he saw Corinne coming up from the basement, he hurriedly motioned to the stairs, the heels starting their dissension towards him. He only caught a glimpse of the nude colored heels attached to long tanned legs before Corinne told Erin she was just taking out the trash and insisted Erin finish getting ready. Corinne waited in the middle of the stairs until Erin was back in the bathroom getting ready then came back down to meet Brian out of sight.

“Go wait in the living room, she should be ready soon.” Corinne faintly smiled, he nodded thanking her again then made himself comfortable in the living room. He sunk into the plush couch, and grabbed the TV remote, making sure the volume was turned down low just so it couldn't be heard from upstairs. He decided on some lame teen show that he couldn't remember the name of, all he knew was that he felt dumber by the second. Luckily fifteen minutes into him watching the brain cell murdering television program, he heard Erin calling out to Corinne who was standing in the room with him.

“Grandma, I'm gonna go meet Lisa at her place.” He could hear her move around by the front door, he casually draped an arm around the back of the couch and had the television remote in his other hand.

“In the living room.” Corinne said excitedly, a bright smile on her face. He could only hope that Erin was going to be that excited when she found out what was happening.

The tapping of heels got louder and louder until finally she walked into the room, and Brian had to bite his lip, hard, at the sight before him. She was dressed in a tight fitting strapless black dress with large pink floral print on it, over top of the dress she wore a black leather jacket. Her blonde hair was sitting long and straight as it framed her face, her bright blue eyes were lined in black and her lips had faint tint of pink gloss on them. Brian had thought she was gorgeous since the night they first met, but something about how she looked at that very moment was different. She was beautiful.

He suddenly felt slightly under dressed in his dark wash ripped jeans and a long sleeved 'House of Syn' shirt with his own leather jacket. Erin stood there her mouth slightly parted, and her eyes wide with surprise.

“Took you long enough.” He joked, pretending to look at the imaginary watch on his wrist. Her surprise soon went away, she pursed her lips together and tried not to smile.

“I thought you were on the other side of the country.” She tilted her head to the side, raising her eyebrows waiting for his answer. Brian chuckled, getting to his feet and walked closer to Erin.

“I lied.” He made a weird facial expression, which made her laugh. “It would've ruined the surprise.”

She quirked an eyebrow. “A surprise?”

“It's a pretty good one.” He said softly, then smiled. Erin shook her head smiling as well. She caught sight of Corinne out of the corner of her eye.

“You were in on this?” Corinne simply nodded then shrugged. “Should've known something was up.” She muttered to herself before Brian led her out of the house, Corinne followed close behind, trying to keep the overnight bag she packed for Erin hidden from her granddaughters vision. Brian got Erin into the car then took the bag and threw it in the back of his SUV. Corinne waved to the two of them before she disappeared behind the front door.

“Where are you taking me?” Erin inquired as he slid into the car. He smiled at her while he slipped the keys into the ignition but didn't give her an answer.

Brian turned in his seat, reaching for something in the backseat, “Here,” he said handing her a black bandana. “put this over your eyes.”

“Brian you're not serious.” Erin gawked at him, then he signaled for her to just do it. She stared at the fabric in her hands for a few seconds then with a heavy sigh she folded the bandana in half and wrapped it around her head. Her sight was completely black, Brian helped her fix it so it wasn't covering her nostrils. All she could smell was him on the bandana, which put her at ease almost instantly.

“Can you breathe through your nose?” He asked, she nodded warily.

“Is this what you meant by 'seize the day'? I look completely stupid.” She protested, crossing her arms just underneath her breasts, completely unaware of the fact that with her tight fitting dress it only pushed them up higher. Brian took advantage of the fact that she was blindfolded and couldn't see him staring at her cleavage. Luckily he wasn't driving or they would've driven off the road by now.

“What if people think you've kidnapped me?” Brian wasn't paying attention. “Brian?”

He looked away, quickly and took in the sights ahead of him instead of the one in the passenger seat. “What was that?”

“I said,” she began again, throwing in some attitude this time. “what if people think you've kidnapped me?”

“Well then they'll think I'm a pretty shitty kidnapper if I have you in the front seat.” Brian looked over at her again, her cleavage still pushed up, just tempting him. He groaned and grabbed one of her arms and pulled it out from underneath her chest. “Don't do that.”

“Why?” She asked, innocently, not realizing what was going on in his head.

“I'm about to start driving.” He said, breathing a heavy sigh of relief. “put your seat belt on.”

Erin had to feel around for a few seconds but she eventually got the belt into the buckle and was securely strapped in. She felt the car start moving, she couldn't help but feel slightly apprehensive about the situation she was in and did a terrible job of hiding it. As Brian pulled out onto the road he could see her stiffen and her lips tightly pursed together.

“Just trust me.” He assured, his hand softly pat her thigh through the soft black fabric of her dress.

“Easy for you to say,” she shifted under his touch, he removed his hand quickly bringing it back to the steering wheel. “you're not the one blindfolded.”

“You better get used to it.” He stated, a little too confidently as they passed the sign that told him to come back to Boulder City soon.

“And why's that?”

“Because if this,” This was when the blindfold was inconvenient, he wished he could see her eyes when he said this. “thing between you and I becomes something serious, then it won't be the last time you're blindfolded.”

Erin's face got hot almost immediately, and turned bright red. Brian laughed, she was cute when embarrassed. “Can-can we listen to some music please?”

“Sure.” He turned on the radio, the local Vegas rock station filled the car. If Erin hadn't been wearing a blindfold Brian would've seen her roll her eyes playfully, figures he would be listening to that station.

“Do you wanna listen to something else?” He figured if he blindfolded her, she could at least listen to the kind of music she wanted to.

“98.3, please.” He played with the radio tuner and eventually found the station she told him to, it turned out to be an oldies station. It wasn't the best station, it definitely could have been worse. They drove in silence the rest of the way, minus the few times Brian asked her how she was holding up or if she could breathe okay, to which she replied that she was perfectly fine, just anxious.

Around thirty minutes later, Brian was pulling into the valet area of the Planet Hollywood Hotel. He really hoped Erin wouldn't kill him for bringing her to Vegas, after being so sure that she wouldn't ever go. He was scared to tell her to take off the blindfold, but he figured leading a blindfolded girl through the hotel would look a little ridiculous even in Vegas.

“Don't take it off til I tell you.” He hopped out of the car and went around to her side of the vehicle, he opened her door and took her hand. She successfully got out of the car without falling, and impatiently waited for him to give her the word. She could hear people in the background, lots of them and lots of cars. Also the sound of wheels on pavement...

“Okay...” Brian said uneasily, almost scared to look at her when she removed the bandana. She smiled timidly, unsure of what to expect when her sight was no longer blackened. She pulled down the bandana so it sat around her neck and opened her eyes. It took a minute for her eyes to adjust to the brightness of the lights, when they did her mouth dropped open.

“Brian...” She breathed, somewhat speechless but then smiled. “Are we in...?”

“Vegas.” He grabbed her hand and shut the door behind them, then lead her away from the vehicle. “Yes we are.” He smirked smugly at her. She couldn't help but smile back, stunned at his surprise for her. But at the same time, not. She kind of expected something like this from him.

- - - - - - - - -

After getting their luggage to be taken up to their room, and Brian's car parked, he had suggested that they get something to eat before walking the strip. She happily agreed and he took her to a nicely decorated restaurant that was located inside their hotel, he didn't even let her look at the bill. He paid for their meals quickly then grabbed her by the hand, leading her outside and she now found herself being dragged along the Vegas strip by Brian. She really didn't mind though, he seemed excited to show her around the city. The sun had set beautifully on the horizon and the lights on all the hotels were lit up.

She had never seen so many lights before, not even on Christmas. It really was beautiful. She had seen the tall and beautiful replica of the Eiffel Tower at the Paris hotel, and across the street were the statues and Grecian architecture of Caesar’s Place that Lisa had went on and on about and would give an arm and a leg to stay in just once. Erin now understood why, it was gorgeous.

“So...” Brian said breaking her out of trance by shaking her hand that was intertwined with his. Something that they had been doing a lot of lately. “what do you want to do?”

“I don't know! What do you do here when you guys come?” Erin asked enthusiastically as they headed south on the Vegas strip, not walking anywhere in particular.

Brian took a minute to answer, as they stood at an intersection ready to cross the street when the light turned green. “You know, stupid guy stuff. Gamble, drink lots, and then probably get a new tattoo.” He finished with a smile as they crossed the street and stepped onto the sidewalk.

“Wow, you haven't run out of room yet?” Erin laughed, pretending to examine his arm.

“Maybe if you're lucky you'll get a peak later.” He winked playfully.

“Brian!” She hit him playfully on the shoulder which caused him to laugh loudly.

“Just what I love to hear, my name being screamed by a beautiful girl.” He enjoyed getting a rise out of her.

“I bet it doesn't happen often.” She added a sweet smile which didn't seem to phase him in the least, it did the complete opposite.

“And I bet you're a screamer.” He said in a low sexy voice, Erin's face flushed and her mouth went completely dry, not knowing what to say to Brian's remarks. She thought she had gotten used to his sexual innuendos but apparently not. Brian was flashing that smug smirk of his, she hated it yet loved it at the same time. She knew though that whenever he did it, it was usually directed at her embarrassment or because he left her completely speechless.

She was about to say something but Brian had stopped them in front of a tall building, and she could hear metal scraping violently against metal above her. “I meant a screamer on the roller-coaster.”

Erin looked up, they were standing in front of the New York, New York hotel which had a roller-coaster on the roof. Erin threw her head back laughing at herself and at Brian. Once her laughter had settled she just looked at him.

“What?” He said innocently throwing his hands up. “What did you think I meant?” Another smirk was on his face and she was ready to slap it right off. Or kiss him, neither of which she thought would be a good idea at the moment. So she decided to play his game.

“Well, just so you know I'm not a screamer...” She trailed off, running her finger tips down his arm lightly until she reached his hand. “on roller-coasters at least.” She smirked evilly at him, and pulled him by the hand inside the hotel.

He threw his head back in frustration, she was slowly catching on to his ways. “I've created a monster.” He cursed to himself and heard Erin laugh loudly.

- - - - - - - - -

After riding the roller-coaster twice, as per Brian's persistent convincing. He said it was better the second time around since you'd get a feel for it and then your picture at the end wouldn't be so ridiculous. Skeptically she agreed even though one interval on the roller coaster was usually her limit, but those brown eyes of his made it hard to say no. But even during the second ride, her face in the picture looked silly being caught mid scream with her eyes slightly closed as opposed to the dark haired guitarist next to her, who seemed to be enjoying himself, as he gave the camera the rock on sign with his right hand. He wanted to buy them both a copy but she insisted that she pay for them since he had paid for everything else already.

Once the pictures were printed and paid for then stuck safely in her clutch purse, they were back onto the strip heading back in the direction they came. They wondered around aimlessly for a good twenty minutes before stopping at the Treasure Island hotel to watch the nightly Pirates and Sirens show that occurred just out front of the hotel. It consisted of two pirate boats, one filled with gorgeous girls and the other filled with gorgeous men, and in the end one ship was set on fire and the pirates and sirens remained on one boat together. It the midst of it all there was a musical number to which she heard Brian groan beside her and she just laughed.

After the show ended they proceeded through the crowd and found themselves near the Bellagio hotel just as the fountain show ended, Erin had always wanted to see the fountain show. So as that crowd cleared, Brian pulled her over to the fence so they had a front row seat to the next show in fifteen minutes.

“Are you having fun?” He asked, leaning his forearms against the fence, slightly hunched over.

Erin stood straight up, her eyes scanned the scenery before flickering down to meet his, a smile on her lips. “I'm having a blast, thank you.” Erin bit her bottom lip, giving him the urge to stand up and kiss her.

“Do you have plans next weekend?” He asked, pushing his urge aside for the time being. He watched her continue to bite down on her bottom lip, thinking it over briefly.

“Jon's graduation barbeque is next Saturday, why? Planning on bringing me back here?” She quipped, and released her lip from between her teeth as they curved into a smile.

“Actually, kind of.” He answered honestly. “We finish the tour with a show in Vegas on Sunday night. I was wondering if you wanted to come.”

Her smile grew wider and her blue eyes went big. “Really?”

He laughed softly, and nodded. “Really, Lisa is already coming, and Jon is welcome to come, and I'd love to see that headbanging grandmother of yours too.” Erin giggled at the mention of Corinne. “You'll be side stage, right near all the action.”

She pouted slightly. “I'll come on one condition.” He raised his brows at her ultimatum. “If you guys are done the tour in time you should come to Jon's barbeque on Saturday. I think he'd literally have a heart attack seeing all five of you.” Erin knew that it would probably be the best graduation gift she could get her little brother.

Brian stood up , now facing her. “Deal.” He couldn't fight it anymore as his hand found its way to the side of her face, his thumb caressed her cheek softly as his eyes locked with hers. Erin felt that familiar feeling of butterflies in her stomach whenever Brian touched her like that, it didn't happen often but when it did she savored every minute. Her breath hitched in her throat as he slowly lowered his lips to meet hers. Instead of taking the lead like she did last time, she simply gave in opening her mouth slightly before he even had to ask. She could feel one of his hands leave her face and curl around her waist, pulling their bodies closer.

Erin brought one of her hands up to his chest and pushed him away slightly. “One more thing.”

“Right now?” He groaned, but was ready to listen to whatever she had to say.

She glared playfully. “At the concert, can I be front and center on the floor? I wanna experience it like a fan, since I am one now. And Lisa too? Is that possible?” Her eyes pleaded with him, who was he to say no to the beautiful girl standing in front of him?

He smiled, biting his bottom lip softly. “That can be arranged.” He leaned back down to continue what he started but was rudely interrupted by the Bellagio's fountain show starting, causing him to groan inwardly. Erin grabbed his arm and intertwined it with hers then grabbed his hand, laying her head on his shoulder as she watched the colorful lights and the water shoot up to the rhythm of the music. Though the show was entertaining, Brian found himself watching the girl next to him instead.
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