Sequel: Open Your Eyes
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Just Say Yes

Matt And His Stupid No Phone Policy

“Do you really have to go?” Erin pouted as Brian and Jimmy packed up the small pieces of luggage, that belonged to herself and Leana, into the back of the lead guitarist's Cadillac Escalade. After their celebratory weekend stay in Las Vegas, Matt had surprised the rest of the guys by letting them know that they were to head to Big Bear after their stay in Sin City, instead of going home like initially planned.

“Sorry, I gotta listen to the boss.” Brian smirked, motioning to Matt who was coming around the corner with his fiance. Upon hearing Brian's comment, he glared at the guitarist before throwing Val's bag into the trunk of Lacey's small car.

“It's only forty-eight hours.” Brian said as his hands rested lightly on her sides, his fingers tracing small circles there. “How are you going to handle me leaving for tour?” He quirked an eyebrow, all the while still smirking. He was partially just kidding around but there was some seriousness to the question. They left for their European tour in less than two weeks and the couple had yet to really talk about what the nine week tour meant for them.

Erin sighed as one of her hands rested lightly on his chest. “I don't know, lots of late night phone conversations?” She said, a hopeful yet lust filled gleam in her eyes.

“Late night phone conversations?” He asked, his eyebrows raising in delight. “Those are my favorite.” Erin let out a small feminine laugh before he captured her lips in a passionate kiss.

“Okay love birds, time to get on the road.” Matt's voice boomed from a few yards away, he hugged his fiance before she got into Lacey's car. Brian pulled away, groaning at his friend. Jimmy who had been saying his farewells to Leana, clapped a hand onto Brian's shoulder.

“Don't worry Blondie, I'll take good care of Bri for you.” He assured with a bright but devious smile. Erin laughed knowing full well that the two of them were bound to get themselves into trouble. Erin caught Leana roll her eyes as she clung to Jimmy's side.

Johnny and Matt watched their significant others depart as the girls sped out of the parking lot, waving at everyone before they were out of sight. Erin felt good about the weekend they had all spent together, she had gotten to know Val a little bit and realized she was nothing at all like her sister. She was actually quite friendly and very much an important part in the bands history.

“Where's the disgustingly happy couple?” Johnny questioned referring to Zacky and Lisa who hadn't been able to keep their hands off each other the entire weekend. As if on cue the couple, hand in hand, entered the parking lot.

“We're coming, we're coming.” Lisa said, her mouth slowly turning downwards into a frown as she turned to face her recent fiance. She kissed Zacky longingly. He pulled away but his lips lingered close to hers as he mumbled something causing a smile to creep onto her lips.

“I better get going before Matt reams me a new one.” His fingers came up to her face, tucking a piece of out of place hair behind her ear. Brian kissed Erin softly and mumbled a quick 'I love you' before heading towards Matt's vehicle.

- - - - - - - - - -

“You're both staying the night right? I don't know if I'm ready to stay here all alone.” Erin asked as she entered Brian's living room, a large bowl of freshly popped popcorn in her hand. Leana and Lisa were lazily sprawled out on the couch, and Erin settled into the spot between her two friends.

Lisa dug her hand into the bowl as soon as Erin's backside hit the cushions. “Yeah, totally.” Lisa spoke, her mouth half full of popcorn.

Leana laughed before reaching into the bowl as well. “Can I stay in the pink room you decorated for McKenna? It's so cute!” Erin nodded, her mind wandering back to McKenna's glowing face when she had seen the room completely finished. It had taken lots of convincing to get her to leave it when her father arrived to take her home.

“You know Jimmy has a friend who works at an Interior Design firm in Newport. If you're ever looking for a job out here...” Leana hinted not so subtly with a sly smile. Erin was aware that Brian wasn't the only one who wanted her to stay in California. After the short trip over the weekend, she was seriously considering staying.

“He can always talk to her, Jenna's been looking for an intern.” Leana nudged Erin's shoulder playfully with a happy smile.

“I'll keep that in mind.” Erin laughed before taking the remote and starting the movie they had put into the disc player.

Not even a half an hour into the movie, the high pitched ring of the phone sounded through out the room. Erin didn't bother to pause the movie as she got up and took the phone eagerly. Brian had told her he'd call later in the day when Matt wasn't riding them so hard so her natural assumption was that it was him on the other end. She turned her back to Leana and Lisa, as she heard the volume of the television being turned down slightly.

“Hello?” She failed at hiding the excitement in her tone as she spoke into the device.

“Uh, Erin?” She heard a male on the other end but it wasn't the voice she had been hoping to hear. Instead it was a voice that belonged to the last person she had expected to call her.

“David?” She turned around to face her two friends with a puzzled expression on her face. Lisa sat up straighter and her eyes narrowed at the mention of his name.

“How did you get this number? And why are you calling?” She snapped, immediately thinking David was up to something.

He sighed heavily before answering her. “Something happened that I thought you should know, it's about Corinne...” He paused dramatically, and Erin swore she felt her heart momentarily stop beating. His tone was somber which hinted to her that the news he had wouldn't be good. There was an eery silence between them as she felt tears sting her eyes and a large lump form in her throat.

“Tell me what happened!” She demanded, her voice cracking ever so slightly. Horrible thoughts began going through her mind and flashbacks to the day she had found out about her mother's death came rushing back. Lisa flicked off the movie as she moved towards her pacing friend.

“She passed out at the grocery store. The paramedics came, they had to put a tube down her throat and everything.” He explained somberly, he was clearly distraught over the current situation.

Erin brought her free hand to her forehead, feeling overwhelmed with all the information being thrown at her.

“Is she okay? What's going on?” Her voice was laced with panic as Lisa and Leana exchanged worried glances.

“I don't know. She was brought to Spring Valley Hospital in the city. I'm here now but they won't tell me anything.” His frustration was evident, she heard him curse under his breath. “Cause I'm not family. You should be here, I don't know how bad it is.”

Erin inhaled a deep shaky breath, “I'll be there as soon as I can.” She insisted and hung up before he could tell her anything else. Erin stood still, her mind reeling at the news she had just received. The phone made a loud clunk as it hit the coffee table, it was then that she realized her heads were shaking.

“My grandma's in the hospital...I-I have to go home.” She muttered, looking to Lisa then to Leana before heading off in search of the car keys. Lisa watched the blonde move frantically for the keys before turning to Leana.

“She's in no mind set to drive, do you mind watching Ben for me?” Lisa asked, gathering her jacket and purse from the floor. Leana nodded, meekly. She hugged Lisa quickly just as Erin darted out the front door.

Lisa ran after the blonde but not before yelling back at Leana. “And see if you can get a hold of the guys somehow!”

- - - - - - - - - -

“Gates, do you not understand what I'm trying to say?” Matt growled. They were currently going over a song he had written and was attempting to describe the solo he wanted Brian to play but things were getting lost in translation. Frustrating both of them.

“Clearly I don't!” Brian protested, holding his hands up in the air in surrender. Jimmy laughed wildly from the plush leather couch which he shared with Johnny. Both Brian and Matt sent him a heated glare, warning him to shut up but it only made him laugh harder.

“We need drinks up in this place.” Johnny said, getting up from his spot on the couch and wandered into the kitchen.

“No Christ we need to fuckin' work on this song!” Matt called after him but was clearly ignored by the bassist as the loud clinking of bottles was heard.

“We got gin, tequila, rum, scotch, vodka and my personal favorite whiskey.” Johnny's voice carried out into the living room as Matt groaned and moved angrily into the kitchen. Upon Matt entering the next room, the three remaining band members heard Johnny's voice repeat 'Ow' over and over.

“Matt, don't hurt the gnome! That's my job.” Jimmy laughed as he hit his drum sticks against the coffee table, playing the beat of A Little Piece of Heaven.

Zacky chuckled from across the room as he played random notes with his guitar. Brian needed a break badly. He got up from his seat and leaned his guitar against the side of the couch before he reached for his cellphone, turning it on. The last time they made a trip up to Big Bear to get away and write, each one of them had turned off their mobile devices until they were done. Matt had chosen to reinforce that idea this time around as well.

As soon as his phone turned on, he was notified that he had two missed calls and two voice mails. Of course, Matt had chosen that moment to walk back into the room, his eyes immediately focusing on Brian, cellphone in hand.

“What the fuck Brian?!” Matt's voice boomed, but Brian ignored him and studied the numbers. One was from his home phone line and the other was one he didn't recognize. Being curious, Brian called his voice mail and brought it to his ear just after punching in his password.

Matt cursed again and took a seat across from Brian, his hands making rapid movements as if telling him to speed it up because they had work to do. Brian flipped him off as a male voice filled his ear.

Hello Mr. Haner, this is Doctor Saracen calling from Spring Valley Hospital in Las Vegas. I'm calling regarding Corinne Mason...

Brian felt his chest tighten and his breath catch in his throat, knowing that this wasn't going to be good news.

She had an incident and was brought into the hospital this morning. You were listed under her emergency contacts so we'll try your other number. I'll leave you the number of the hospital if you'd like to speak to me...

The doctor then proceeded to give the number but Brian's mind was entirely elsewhere. He quickly hit the number one key which skipped him to the next message. The rest of the guys stared intently at his frantic nature, it wasn't a side of Brian they saw often so they knew something had to be going on.

This time the voice on the other end was feminine and one he was at least familiar with.

Brian, it's Leana. Um, Erin just got a call from back home. Her grandmothers in the hospital, I didn't catch why but she was really upset. Her and Lisa are driving up there right now, you should really meet her there. She needs you right now.” Leana paused, sighing heavily.

I hope you get this in time. Matt and his stupid no phone policy. Anyway, call me and let me know whenever you find out what's going on.” She mumbled a soft goodbye before he was left listening to the automated voice ask him what he'd like to do next. He wanted to laugh at the irony of the question, but didn't cause he really had absolutely no idea.

“Gates? What's wrong?” Matt asked, looking to be a lot more easy going now than he did ten minutes prior.

Brian slipped his phone into his pocket and ran his hands up and down his thighs anxiously. His mind digesting everything that had just occurred. He stood up and reached for his jacket that sat next to Jimmy.

Johnny slipped back into the room, his eyes narrowed at the solemn vibe filling it. “Did I miss something?” He asked, glancing at each of the guys before settling on Brian who was the only one standing.

“Corinne was taken to hospital this morning. She's been fighting cancer.” Brian said, relieved to finally be able to say it aloud. Matt's eyes softened at the news.

“Erin and Lisa are heading up there to see her. I have to go.” He felt around his pockets for his keys but then realized Erin had driven his car back to California.

Matt stood up and took his keys out of his pocket, softly tossing them towards Brian. “Zack, go with him.” Matt practically ordered even though they both knew Zacky would've gone anyway. Jimmy stood up as Brian and Zacky headed silently towards the door.

“I'm coming too.” Jimmy hurried after the guitarist's, taking the back seat in Matt's car, as a long and quiet three hour drive began.
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