The Nobody

Please, come, go and rest in peace

Hayley's P.O.V.

The Doctor came into the room, with a large grin on his face.

"You'll be glad to know that your daughter will be out by tomorrow. We expect you to go into labour within the next 10 hours, so it'd be best for you to stay in the hospital."

My mind raced. No. not a daughter.

"Did y-you say a d-d-daught-ter?" i stuttered.

"Yes. I'd expect as a mother you'd be very happy!"

Hell yea, i was happy. But only deep down. I didn't even want this kid, let alone a girl. This kid's going to get beaten until death. i'm going to get beaten even MORE, just because it's disgraceful to the husband.
And a daughter would barely be able to stick up for herself.

"ok. Thank you for informing me." i said, forcing myself to smile gratefully.

"If you feel like ANYTHING at all is happenening 'down there' then just push the buzzer beside you. i'll be here in no time."

As he left, the husband came in.

He stopped to quickly glance at the clipboard at the end of the bed before coming to my side.
He stroked my hair, and said in a soft loving tone, "how're you feeling?"

I had felt that maybe this child would actually bring back the Johnny i knew and was friends with.

"Ok, It's a girl hunny, so we need a name," i answered weakly but proudly.

I was instantly greeted by the husband again.

"a girl? So, these 9 months that you've been walking around the house, stomping like some sort of fuckin rhinocerous, looking like a fat hippo, you've been carrying a girl?"

i could only force myself to nod.
His face slowly started to turn scarlet, as i saw the rage in him increase.

"You know, you're a fuckin deperate bitch. You're a nobody, a nothing, and this daughter of yours will never be allowed in public. You're a disgrace, she'll be a disgrace. You should die and rot in hell.."

The words were on repeat in my head like a broken record. I didn't even realise when a tear escaped itself from my dead eyes.

"You're PA-THE-TIC!!!" He spat dryly in my face.

I burst into tears, now which were uncontrollable.

A sudden incredible pain swelled in my stomach.

My vision blurred from my tears, i only saw the figure of the husband's fist in contact with my stomach.

3 more strong pains hit me, each one hurting me and my child more.

Whispering in my ear, he said "Hopefully this kid will be like you, a complete fuck-up"

He stormed out, and i heard the door slam.

My arm shook violently as i started to hyperventilate from fear, pain and crying.

Pushing the buzzer was nearly impossible, but the minute i touched it nurses and doctors flooded into my ward.

Shocked to see my state, he screamed "What's wrong??? Oh my Lord, she's bleeding! She's not going into labour yet crew! Call resuss! Wheel her NOW into E.D. and after that into resuss! Something's happened and gone wrong. SHE'S BLEEDING!!!"

All the noises soon became a blur like my vision as i started to spin into a trance. The feeling of the husband hitting me kept on replaying itself on my nerves, each hit hurting more and more.

It throbbed.

The beeping noise slowed.

I opened my eyes only to see black.