The Nobody


a while ago (lol)

Why would this happen Rosy, Why?

Great. now i'm talking to myself. But who's to say I'm not insane. It hard to not be when you're a wife, no a slave of the husband.

It's like the Johnny i knew from a little girl had gone. Who's to say i'm not little anymore though? I'm 14 for God's sake. But Johnny wasn't Johnny anymore.

He'd transformed.

Before my eyes was the husband. A person who was brutal, rough, mean, cruel. He'd taken the body of Johnny and had possessed him.

(A/N: It's really creepy, do any of you guys listen to the radio and then a really ironic song comes on while you're on mibba? Face down by the red jumpsuit apparatus just came on... oooooo... )

I so badly wanted Johnny back. The man who i could always talk to, give me hugs, made me smile when i was sad.

Johnny was around for a while, when we got married. We had to, my family had kicked me out. Jimmy tried his best to find me somewhere to stay, but Jimmy was locked away by mother for trying.

Sure, because of Johnny i was kicked out when he'd raped me and gotten me pregnant, but nonetheless his insane personality that had raped me had left. Or so i had thought.

We were married by the time i was 4 months into it. Johnny was around for a few weeks, then the husband started to take over.

I can't even stand to think about it. But i know to survive, i have to outsmart him.
But i can't.

I haven't been able to, and probably wont be.

I stabbed myself with the needle accidentally, when i realised i was mindlessly sewing.

concentrate Rosy, concentrate. You can't mess up sewing his clothes. You'll get it for that.

The little voice in the back of my head had locked away the other little voice i had as a child.

It had locked away my voice, the voice which would tell me to screw this, drop it on the floor and leave. Walk out and never return.

But this new little voice was fear. And it never let my old voice out.

I was doomed to die, and maybe before this baby even comes.