The Nobody

waking up

My god heaven is white. And bright.

But... it beeps?...

Wait, WHAT???

I started to realise where i was. I was in another section of the hospital.

And my stomach felt really bloated and empty.

I looked down to see my legs.


Normally, when i was lying down, i couldn't see my legs, but the bump was gone.

Shit, i already gave birth...

"Hello Rosy"

I heard the comforting voice of the doctor.

"We had to perform a caserean (sp?) as there was uncontrollable unexplained bleeding."

I opened my dry mouth barely able to make it move let alone speak.

"Did you fall or accidentally hit yourself at any time? That bleeding would've only started from an impact."

I can't tell him.

"I-i d-don't rem-em-b-ber"

"Well we'll touch up on that later. I suppose you'd like to see your child now?"

"Yes please"

As he walked outside, i started to hesitate whther i really wanted to see my daughter.

I was completely lost of thought when i saw the husband walking in with the baby in his arms.

"We'll be fine doc, don't worry"

"Ok i'll leave you two alone then"

The doctor walked away and shut the door, so i was lying there helpless to whatever he might do to me or worse the baby.

Yes, it was definately the husband, not the caring loving Johnny i knew.

"Well aren't you happy," he said in a sickly raspy tone.

"This kid's really a fuck-up,



you." he prodded me just for intimidation.

"Can i please hold him?" Shit, why'd i say him? >.<

"Of course dear."

He went and sat at the other end of the room in the soft and comfortable armchair.

"If you can come get the kid you can fuckin hold it"

He's truly twisted, and this was just another one of his twisted games.

"I can't" I mumbled.

"Ok, well i'll be nice and hand him to you"

He started to walk over and his arms slowly supported the baby so that he could hand it to me.

My beautiful child almost touched me when the husband suddenly pulled the baby back and dropped it 'accidentally'.


"oh dear, i accidentally dropped your precious fuck-up of a kid"

He picked my baby up and thrust her in my arms.

He stormed off outside, and i was left with this little life in my arms.

Wait, he just dropped the kid so shouldn't it be-

FUCK! is it alive???

It's not crying.

Oh my god where is a baby's pulse???

My hands frantically tried to find a pulse while i looked for a buzzer.

Fuck there's no buzzer's.

I started screaming for help.

The husband came in accompanied with a doctor.

"It's not breathing i think!!! There's something wrong!"

"SLOW DOWN... Now, hand me the baby, i'll bring it into the wards and you can tell me what happened later."

As they left, the husband turned to give me a death-willed stare.

Please let this child pass away, don't let her suffer...