Even If Saving You Sends Me to Heaven


The next life is not what Arianna expected. She is being kept from Heaven and Hell in a lesser known situation called Purgatory. She is assigned the job of being the so called "guardian angel" of a boy named Zane. At first she thinks it will be easy to complete her task of saving him, but she soon learns she's a long way from getting to heaven.

She must figure out what exactly she has to save him from and follow the rules of being a guardian angel: she must always be with Zane and can't show herself unless his life depends on it. She finds that Zane's life is much more complicated than she could've imagined. However, being with Zane at all times allows Arianna to see him for who he really is, which is something no one else can do.

(Title from Your Guardian Angel by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.)