That's Amore

It has been a few years since the end of Tokio Hotel, and everyone has moved on to love and life in the real world. The boys never lost touch; in fact, their relationship grew stronger now that they didn't see each other every day as a job.

The subtle rocking back and forth was the only reason Molly was able to focus on anything but the life that sat within her ready to burst free anytime within the next month—of this she was certain. Her eyes were burning fresh holes into the soda stained carpet of their apartment, which complemented the previous owner’s cigarette burns quite nicely.

Her left hand stayed completely frozen on her bump, with each finger conspicuously empty. She knew he had his reasons, though.

Tom always had his reasons.

“Can you smell…what The Rock…is cooking?”

“No, but I can smell your freakish pasta sauce from all the way over here.”

This is a brief insight into dinner at Tom Kaulitz's apartment. Bon appetit.

(A/N: This is based on a seriously in depth dream I had. That's probably why it makes about as much sense as Twilight.)