Sequel: I Love Alex Gaskarth
Status: Completed :]

I Hate Alex Gaskarth

Oh yeah! This is one hell of a fuckinglove story I'm sure everyone will love to hear! Where do I begin? Let's start in high school where I thought everything would go really well for me that was until I met him...Alex Gaskarth. Guy with the amazing voice. Guy with the cute faceevery girl adores. Guy who is so arrogant and self-centered. Guy...well you get the god damn point! Anyway this story is all about him...Pretty much all of the shit I had to put up with from him...

Hi, I'm Marcy...And I hate Alex Gaskarth...

The order the series goes in is:
- I Hate Alex Gaskarth.
- I Love Alex Gaskarth
- I Miss Alex Gaskarth.
- I Married Alex Gaskarth.
- I Am Alex Gaskarth.