Without you, I would die...


I'm weak.

Walking in the house I thought I could do this without crying, standing my ground, but the minute I walked past Syn's practise room and saw his sweet face change his concentration from his Gibson Les Paul to my eyes, I broke.

"Hey hey, hun dont cry! What did that doctor do? Don't tell me he did something inappropriate! Oi, honey please stop crying!" Syn pleaded, wrapping his tattoos arms around me and burying my head in his chest.

"No-- no- h-he did-n't do any-th-thing." I choked out.

He let out a sigh of relief as his tensed body relaxed slightly.

"Then what's wrong babe?"

"I- I- h-have- ca-ca--ca-" I tried to speak but just started hyperventilating.

"Babe, shhhh, shhhhh... it's alright" he said, trying to calm me down. He stroked his rough fingers through my hair and hugged me tighter.

"Breathe babe, in.... out...."

After a few deep breaths my sobs slowed and my breathing returned.

Syn picked me up as I buried another torrent of tears into his shoulder. Laying me carefully on the bed, he said, "What did he say?"

His deep, sinister stare pierced into my eyes. He was searching for an answer, and hopefully a good one.

I had to tell him the good news first. He's scared for me.

"W-we have a-a k-kid!" I said between sobs. Forcing my biggest smile I told him.

His solemn expression immediately became concerned and confused.

"Wh-what? I thought you'd be happy babe? I'm stoked! This is a miracle kid! Like, are y-, BABE! What's wrong?"

I burst into another flood of tears hearing that he was stoked about the kid.
How can I tell him?
He started smiling so much as he was talking, this'll break his heart.

Just get it over and done with.

"I h-have cancer" I managed to hoarsely whisper before crying once more.

I started to hyperventilate faster this time, and couldn't physically force myself to breathe as I saw Syn's expression change from scared, to understanding, then worried.