Without you, I would die...

Phone call

Syn's P.O.V

"Hey, you've reached me. If ya don't know who I am then fuck off you've got the wrong number. You know what to do. *beep*"

I hung up the phone for the like 4th time on his fuckin answerphone.

I seriously need to get in touch with him

Veronikabanius is in a serious situation. [A/N: I found a name, decided to name her after one of my best friends, but she get's really pissed about people not saying her name right, so she's also called Izza]

I had finally finished making her snack, and I popped 2 aspirin and a glass of ice (for it to melt) on the bedside table.

I left and picked up the phone again.

riiiing.... riiiing.... riiii-



"Oh hey Syn."

"Hey. oi, bro you gotta help me. Veronikabanius is fucki-"

"HAHAHA this has gotta be serious, you used her real name..."

"Yes, JAMES it IS serious"

"Ok ok you got me. What's up?"

"She's pregnant, but has cancer"

"Oh Fuck. I have to see her"

"Well not tonight or probably even tomorrow, she's pretty down and stressed at the moment aye."

"I guess she would. But what treatment and shit are they putting her on? You need any help with money or-"

"No, no, no. She's not getting chemo or anything."

"What the fuck? Why>???"

"I was hoping you could answer that."

"Mmmnn.. Well obviously I can't, but what the fuck?"

A long silence followed, and then I managed to think of something.

"Well, she did say something about hurting the baby. The chemo would deform it or some shit"

"Well I guess, but fuckin hell, she's fuckin sacrificing her own life. This is seriously FUCKED"

"I know. You think you could talk to her in a couple of days, I wanna get some rest and maybe sleep on it"

"Yea, and I'll plan on what to say"

"You better, she's so fucking vulnerable right now."

"K. Well yea. Fuck ya later"



Well that got far *cough*. What am I meant to do, to say?

I'm Brian Haner Jr.

Dad would know something.

But I can't drag him into this.

I skulked off to the couch and grabbed a blanket so that Izza would have the bed to herself for tonight.

Jimmy's P.O.V

Oh how I fuckin missed his voice. It's so fucking relaxing.

WHAT THE HELL!!! GRR what is WRONG with me?

My baby sister is dying, and I'm fantasising about the guy I can't have.


Let's go look up this whole chemo baby deformaty thing.

"ok... *types* cancer effects on babies..."