Pearl and Silk

I struggled to catch my breath as I dashed along the rugged trail. Stumbling on a tree root I fell forward in a blur of flailing limbs, but managed to catch myself on a branch that stretched out beside me. It tore at my dress as I stood, but I continued to run without a glance to the insignificant tear or the thick mud that now caked my pearl white gown. It didn’t matter at the moment, and I doubted that I would care much about it in the future. That is, if I even survived the night. I was in a perilous race with time, and couldn’t afford to be anything but nimble.

Out of breath, bruised and terrified beyond belief; I was a wreckage of emotion. But still I ran. Because even through all those heavy sensations, there was one single thought that burned to the core of my mind and kept my legs pumping steadily beneath me: Derek.

I had to survive for Derek.


A retelling of the classic fairy tale and ballet that is Swan Lake.