Status: Completed on October 4th, 2013

Breaking Their Hold

“Now, I know this is hard for you to understand. And in your thoughts, you may have done nothing wrong. But a serious problem has arisen out of your time spent with James Sullivan. Maybe not on his part; maybe not on either of your part. It may simply be a product of boredom, or defiance of the system. But whatever has caused it to happen must simply cease to exist. Nicknames are a foul thing, Ms. Baker. They take away a person’s identity; it makes them someone else, someone who they are not. And your other transgression…Well, as for that, Ms. Baker, that is the more concerning of the two rules you have broken tonight. There is no such thing as ‘love,’ Ms. Baker. Yes, there is marriage. And yes, there is childbirth. But ‘love’ is a silly, romantic notion that is not relevant in the Government’s Plan.”

The plot is my own; I did not take this from anyone else, so please, do the same to me, and do not take my plot. There's nothing worse than stealing someone's idea and claiming it as your own, and in the end, you're going to get caught. Thanks!
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  1. Chapter One: The Beginning
    And they say they do what's best for you...
  2. Chapter Two: Plotting An Escape
  3. Chapter Three: Memories of A Time Forgotten
  4. Chapter Four: Star Light, Star Bright
  5. Chapter Five: Beginning of the Escape
  6. Chapter Six: Breaking Away
  7. Chapter Seven: Into The Caverns
  8. Chapter Eight: The Firing Squad
  9. Chapter Nine: Atrophine
  10. Chapter Ten: A Fork In The Road
  11. Chapter Eleven: Content
  12. Chapter Twelve: Infection
  13. Chapter Thirteen: Temptation
  14. Chapter Fourteen: Assumed Identities
  15. Chapter Fifteen: Punishments
  16. Chapter Sixteen: Because of Her
  17. Chapter Seventeen: Don't Trust Them
  18. Chapter Eighteen: Caught
  19. Chapter Nineteen: Astor Jacobs
  20. Chapter Twenty: Protection
  21. Chapter Twenty-One: Bruised and Battered
  22. Chapter Twenty-Two: Naptime
  23. Chapter Twenty-Three: No Doctors
  24. Chapter Twenty-Four: Trust and Deceit
  25. Chapter Twenty-Five: Compromises
  26. Chapter Twenty-Six: A Change in Direction
  27. Chapter Twenty-Seven: Worried and Scared
  28. Chapter Twenty-Eight: Please Keep Going
  29. Chapter Twenty-Nine: Withstanding the Pain Tolerance
  30. Chapter Thirty: Desperation Takes Hold
  31. Chapter Thirty-One: Lies, Lies, Lies
  32. Chapter Thirty-Two: The End of A Career
  33. Chapter Thirty-Three: A New Approach
  34. Chapter Thirty-Four: A Loaded Question
  35. Chapter Thirty-Five: Winterberries and Buffalo Berries
  36. Chapter Thirty-Six: Anything To Fix It
  37. Chapter Thirty-Seven: Checkpoint
  38. Chapter Thirty-Eight: Getting Caught
  39. Chapter Thirty-Nine: Cross Over
  40. Chapter Forty: Get Through Anything
  41. Chapter Forty-One: The Black List
  42. Chapter Forty-Two: A Start To A New Beginning
  43. Chapter Forty-Three: Tougher Than Most
  44. Chapter Forty-Four: Every Threat Will Be Eliminated
  45. Chapter Forty-Five: Everything