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Breaking Their Hold

Chapter Twenty-Eight: Please Keep Going

“I can’t keep going, Pierre. I don’t understand why you don’t get that,” Melissa whispered in a strained voice as she stopped walking, allowing her shaking knees to give way as she fell onto the dirt path she and Pierre were walking along. The Canadian sighed and turned around to face her, frowning when he saw that she was sitting on the ground now instead of walking.

“We have to keep going,” he murmured. “We need to get to Canada as soon as possible, Mel. I know you’re upset about leaving Matt and Jimmy, but it was the best choice.”

He knew that dealing with Melissa right now was going to be a challenge. She was depressed and with each day, she was becoming weaker and weaker. It was like Jimmy had been the source of strength that she drew from and now that he wasn’t there with her; he had no idea what he was going to do with her.

“I miss him,” she answered him. “I need him with me, Pierre. You don’t get it. He’s—”

“Do you want him to get hurt? Killed, maybe?” Pierre asked her quietly. “Because that’s what would have eventually happened if we’d all stuck together. We were way too big of a group to go unnoticed. And besides, now that we’ve split up, Sean will have a much harder time tracking either of us down. Jimmy is good at stealth and so am I. I never would have let them go off on their own if they couldn’t stay under wraps.”

“You could have kept them safe,” she muttered under her breath. “You’re good at what you do, Pierre. You wouldn’t have let them get hurt anyway.”

“It wouldn’t have been me letting them get hurt,” Pierre told her. “You don’t know the way the Government works the way I do, Mel. Trust me. They’re smarter than we take them for sometimes.”

Mel sighed and then pushed her hand back through her hair. She didn’t believe Pierre; she still didn’t feel as though they’d made the right choice by letting Matt and Jimmy break away from the group.

She wanted Jimmy here with her. She loved him more than she loved anyone else and she’d give her life if it meant saving his. To her, sending him off alone to go to Canada with Matt was signing their death warrants. He wasn’t there with her and that was something that broke her heart.

“Listen, Mel,” Pierre murmured. “I know you miss him. I know it’s hard. But you need to trust me on this, okay? Matt and Jimmy…they’re smart. They’ll probably get to Canada before we do.”

She nodded, though she didn’t think that he was telling the truth. All she could think of was what would happen if the government did get Jimmy. He would end up suffering a fate worse than death; she just knew it.

She knew how cruel Schlagger and Dr. Harding could be. She’d gone through their little torture regimens; felt the pain they wanted her to feel. Sometimes, she’d wished she would die. Sometimes the pain was so unbearable that all she wanted to was kill herself. She knew Jimmy would get that same treatment and worse. They’d torture him ten times worse than they’d ever done to her, and after doing that, they would make him die an excruciating death. Matt, of course, would suffer the same fate and that was something that made her feel guiltier than anything else.

“What if they don’t make it there at all?”

The question was one she wasn’t sure she wanted an answer to. She knew that if they didn’t get there, her life was worth nothing. It was true that what she was doing was going to help free a country from a horrible existence, but that to her was nothing in comparison to Jimmy’s life even if it should have been.

“You know that’s not something I’m going to answer,” Pierre sighed. “Now, come on. We’ve only got a few more hours of daylight left and we need to make sure we get a little bit further before we stop.”

Melissa sighed and then pushed her hand back through her hair before she stood up again, grabbing the supply bag that she’d dropped. She didn’t want to keep going, but she knew Pierre wasn’t going to give in to her. He would make her keep walking even if she didn’t want to and to be honest, who was she to argue?

“When will we be able to see him?” She asked Pierre. “Will we be able to contact him or…” She sighed before she pushed her hand back through her hair.

“We won’t,” he shook his head. “The next time we hear from Matt and Jimmy will be when we’re in Canada.”

“…How will they know how to get to the place we’re going?”

Pierre just smiled and then touched her shoulder lightly as they started walking. “They’ll ask someone in Canada when we get there. All border patrols in Canada have been given our names. When they identify themselves, they’ll be taken where they need to be.”

Melissa nodded and then started following Pierre again. She felt like complete and utter shit right now, and Pierre knew it. He felt bad for her. He’d never been through half as much as she had in her short lifetime. He had no idea what her mind was going through right now or how she was going to get through it. All he knew was that he needed to make sure that he kept her safe.

He also knew, however, that that wasn’t going to be easy. Melissa was a hard person to keep safe, especially now. He had already received some new Intel about what had been going on with Schlagger and the rest of the government since they’d escaped and all the news he’d gotten was bad.

More people had died since they’d gotten away from Haverly. Zack was still alive, but Pierre honestly had no idea how long they’d let him live. He knew as well as the next person that worked with the Government that as soon as they realized they’d never have a chance of breaking him, they’d dispose of him. And she knew it would be in the worst way possible.

Perhaps the worst news he’d received, however, was that Melissa’s niece was dead. Gianna Baker had been killed in cold blood and it pissed Pierre off. That little girl had never done a damn thing to hurt the Government; never done anything to anyone period. She hadn’t known anything about where Melissa was at, and he didn’t understand why Schlagger would have murdered her.

He didn’t know how he was supposed to break the news to Melissa. He knew that she was someone who would take this death seriously and that was why he wasn’t sure he should tell her at all. He needed to make sure that she stayed in a sound mental place and learning about Gianna’s death would only make her more unstable. And that wasn’t something he could let happen.
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