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Breaking Their Hold

Chapter Thirty-Two: The End of A Career

With Pierre

"You're late, Bouvier."

Pierre couldn't deny that the tone in which the leader of the Omaha Terrorist Task Force was speaking to him intimidated him just enough to have his nerves feeling fried. He wasn't used to being spoken to like that, and he knew that he was in trouble for something.

He had known for awhile that his career as a double agent was running its course and that he'd have to finish spying on the American government soon. He knew that Omaha was either going to be his last check in or one very close to the last. He couldn't keep doing this and run the risk of being arrested for suspected treason. If he did that, Mel would be left out there alone. He couldn't let that happen. Not when he'd promised so many people he'd keep her safe.

"I got sidelined in the outskirts," he muttered casually, keeping with the attitude he always had when he checked in to the Task Forces. "I had to make sure I wasn't being followed. I thought there was a group of Independents."

The leader guffawed before shaking his head as he pulled a thick cigar up to his chapped lips. He offered Pierre one, though he politely declined. He'd never been much for smoking, especially cigars. He wasn't about to sit here and share tobacco with the enemy, and especially not when he knew he needed to get back to Mel soon.

"You know that Baker and her cohorts were spotted outside of Denver by one of our stealth agents, right?"

Pierre's face didn't falter as he nodded, his eyes flashing angrily. The anger was real, but he was hoping that the Task Force leader would just assume that it was anger that he hadn't been able to catch Mel, Jimmy, and Matt.

The truth was, he was angry with Sean and he was angry with himself. He should have been able to see through Sean and he should have known better than to let him go with them out into the outskirts of Denver. They could have gotten arrested right then and there had there been other stealth agents, or worse. He felt angry with himself that he'd led the three others into a situation like that.

"I heard rumors while I was moving towards Omaha. I had no idea whether or not they were true."

The leader rolled his eyes before sitting down in a thickly padded chair, motioning for Pierre to sit in the chair across from his. "You're losing your touch, Bouvier. They weren't even a fucking mile from where you were located at the time allegedly."

Pierre fought the urge to tell the man exactly what he thought of him right now because he knew that definitely wouldn't be a good thing. Right now, he couldn't risk upsetting the man. He had too much to lose right now and if this Task Force leader even slightly suspected that he was hiding something, he could have Pierre arrested.

Pierre bit his bottom lip instead and then looked up at him apologetically. "I'm sorry, sir. It won't happen again. I think I'm getting closer to their trail. I found some people who think they recognize the photographs I was given. I think they can help me get back on track."

"You better damn well hope they can," the Task leader narrowed his eyes at Pierre. "Do you know the consequences if you don't?"

Yes, I know the damn consequences, Pierre thought to himself before he nodded.

As if he hadn't just seen Pierre answer nonverbally, the man sitting across from him chuckled before speaking again. "The consequences are serious, Bouvier. You'll be arrested for treason. Maybe even Treachery. And then you'll be executed. Wouldn't be a pretty sight, would it?"

He wanted to tell the Task Force leader that he couldn't be executed so long as he was also a double agent for Canada unless he wanted to start an all out war with the Canadian government, but he knew that would give away his true loyalties. He just nodded, pretending that the information scared him. In reality, it barely rattled his cage.

When he'd begun his career as a double agent, he'd known that he was running a huge risk. He had known that it was dangerous for him to play both sides of the fence, and he was prepared to die for his cause. If his death could salvage thousands of others, he'd do it in a heartbeat. He knew that his life didn't mean squat unless he could help do his part to free America from Schlagger's control.

"I understand, sir," he told the man before he stood, looking at the clock. He needed to get out of here in time so that he could make it back to where Mel was at before dark. She was with a group of people just outside of Omaha, neatly hidden away in a camp of Independents where Mara's aunt Louise was at, but he knew she wouldn't rest easy unless he was there so that she wouldn't think he'd been arrested or killed.

"Are you in a hurry?" The man asked, arching his eyebrow when he saw Pierre stand.

He nodded, not bothering to lie about that. "I am, sir," he admitted. "I'm hoping to get back on the trail before dark tonight."

The man sighed and then nodded before he nodded his head casually towards the door. "Just don't fucking screw up again, Bouvier. Other Task Force Leaders aren't so certain that you're playing for the right team anymore."

Those words sent a chill down Pierre's spine and he knew that this was going to be his last time to check in. He knew that this was the last day of his career as a double agent.

Those words meant that people were starting to suspect him. Before long, word would make it back to Schlagger and a warrant for his arrest or capture, dead or alive, would be issued. Then he'd be tried and executed. Of course they knew they'd raise a war with Canada, but Schlagger probably wouldn't care about that.

He needed to go off the grid. It was going to be hard, especially since they weren't quite close enough to Canada for his comfort just yet. And he knew it was going to be difficult to find all the supplies he and Mel were going to need on the trip. But he also knew it was necessary.

He left the office without so much as a word before he started walking towards the elevator, wanting to make sure he got out of this place as soon as possible. It was just nearing five o'clock and he knew that if he didn't get into the camp of Independents by nightfall, the Task Force leader might have someone follow him.

He just hoped that this would all be finished within the next few weeks. He knew that he was going to have to push Mel to move faster and he knew that she was going to be reluctant to do so because she worried so much about Matt and Jimmy. But he also knew that the longer they stayed on this side of the border, the more chance there was that they were going to be found.

Once word reached Schlagger that Pierre had defected, there would be a massive search for him and he knew that. He wasn't stupid, and he knew they weren't, either. They'd figure everything out and they'd know he was the one who'd helped Matt, Jimmy, and Mel evade capture for so long. and not only that, they'd figure out that he'd helped countless other people escape and cross the border, too.

He sighed and pushed his hand back through his hair, hoping like hell that things worked out right. He needed this to work right. So many people were counting on him right now and he'd never been the kind of person who balked at responsibility. He'd taken this load on his shoulders and now he needed to make sure he got to Canada safely with Mel. He knew that as long as he could do that, the American people had a serious chance at being freed.

Once Mel reached Canada, Schlagger would be charged by INTERPOL with so many crimes that Pierre didn't even know where to begin. Then, he'd be tried. After that, Pierre had no doubts that the man was going to be executed. But before any of that could happen, he needed to get Mel to Canada. And that was going to be the hard part.
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