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Breaking Their Hold

Chapter Thirty-Nine: Cross Over

With Pierre and Mel

"Mel, before we start crossing over in to Minnesota, there's some stuff that we're going to need to talk about," Pierre told Mel a few nights later as the two of them sat in an old, abandoned barn on the edge of North Dakota and Minnesota. She was shivering, wearing the only jacket the two of them had between them, and Pierre had put her in a bed of straw so that she could maintain as much heat as possible. He knew she would never complain about the uncomfort she was feeling, of course. She was a strong girl, even if she sometimes didn't feel like she was. Mel was someone he had come to respect a hell of a lot.

She was doing for her country what nobody else had done. She was standing up against the oppression and she was actually doing something about it, unlike all of the Independents who just hid in villages, living in fear every day.

Mel was risking her life. She had risked her brother's life; her boyfriend's life, and several of her friends' lives. Already, several people had died for and because of her actions, though he would never blame her for a single death. It was something she couldn't have controlled and it was all for the better good. Pierre did know, however, that he needed to tell her the truth about her niece and her nephew, Gavin and Gianna, and about their deaths.

He also needed to explain to her how the last stretch of their journey was going to go. It was going to be tricky and he knew that this was the point in the game where both of them ran the biggest risk of being caught. And yet, he was strangely calm. Perhaps it was because he knew that panicking would get them nowhere, or maybe it was because he somehow felt that everything would go without a problem. But calm was good either way, and he wasn't going to question why he wasn't worried about anything.

"Sure," she sighed as she swiped her hand back through her hair before she let out a loud yawn.

He knew she was tired; knew that she just wanted some rest, though it would have to wait for awhile and he knew that. it wasn't time for sleep for the two of them, it was time to get to the bottom of everything. It was time to set the United States right again and he knew she understood that.

"Once we cross over into Minnesota tomorrow, we're going to be meeting up with a friend of mine from the Canadian government. He's going to help us cross through the state and get us to Minneapolis. He's got a cell phone on him and several contacts in the state that will get us where we need to be in order to get you into Canada."

Mel blinked when he didn't add himself into that. Wasn't he planning on going to Canada with her, she wondered? He wasn't expecting her to do it by herself, was he?

Mel had come leaps and bounds from the girl she'd been at Haverly Hospital and she knew that. She was a lot stronger, and in a lot of ways, she was thankful that she had done this.

But that didn't mean she was happy with the fact that Pierre might not be coming with her. He had brought her this far; had helped her come clear across the country and she needed him. Without him, Mel didn't know if she'd be able to do what needed to be done in order to pull Schlagger and his regime out of power.

"Don't worry," Pierre calmed her when he saw the look of panic starting to flash across her face. "I'll be right there with you, Mel. I won't leave you alone. We're in this thing together."

She gave him a thankful look before a small silence settled in between the two of them. It was clear to him that she had been worried about how everything was going to go. He let out a small yawn of his own before he pulled his knees to his chest in an attempt to block out some of the cold air that was drafting through the empty barn. There wasn't even a fire right now; wouldn't be at all. He didn't trust anybody enough to light a fire right now, and especially not in the Dakotas.

"So who is this friend?" She asked him, arching her eyebrow. "How do you know that we can trust him?"

"He's helped me get hundreds of people over the border into Canada before. He knows what he's doing," Pierre answered her with a small smile. "David is smarter than me, in a lot of ways. He knows how to play the game a hell of a lot better than I do. There was a brief period of time when he actually was working directly for Schlagger, though he quit that when he realized it wasn't going to help him get you out of Haverly."

Mel nodded, wondering what kind of person this 'David' was if he had worked directly for Schlagger. That was someone who had to have a hell of a lot of power and Mel couldn't help but feel impressed even though she hadn't yet met him.

"So you trust him?"

"With my life," Pierre answered her with complete seriousness. "There's a small airport for private civilian use just south of the actual airport that Schlagger and the other Government officials use. It's nothing big, but it's going to be the airport you and I go to with David in order to get on the plane that will take us directly to the Canadian embassy in Ottawa."

Mel's stomach did a small flip as she bit her bottom lip. She was already starting to feel nervous about the plane, though it wasn't because of something as silly as a fear of heights. In a world like the one the two of them lived in at the moment, there was no use for a fear of flying.

"Don't I need to have a passport and paperwork to get into Canada? I don't have either. I mean--"

"Mel, calm down," Pierre tried to reassure her. "This isn't a situation in which you'll need either of those. You'll be going to Canada as a favor to the entire country. Besides, we're a little past needing passports and paperwork. Everything has gotten much more serious in the last month or so."

Mel's face darkened, and she felt her heart skip a few beats. What did he mean by that? Had Matt and Jimmy been found? Were they dead? And what about her brother? She didn't know if she could actually make it to Canada if he was dead, even if she was as close as she was.

"What do you..." She started before she cut herself off, figuring that it would be better for both of them if she didn't even ask the question.

Pierre gave her an apologetic look before he got up, walking over so that he was sitting down next to her, his hand resting on her knee before he gave her a friendly hug.

"What I'm about to tell you isn't something you're going to want to hear. And perhaps I shouldn't be telling you at all. But I think it will help encourage you even more to get to Canada; I think it will make you more determined to pull that rat bastard out of office and give America everything they need to start over."

Mel's face looked up at Pierre's and she bit her bottom lip before he continued speaking. His words broke her heart.

"Gianna and Gavin are both dead, along with their parents. They got in the way of what Schlagger wanted, and he disposed of them. To the best of my knowledge, Zack, Matt, and Jimmy are still all alive. I'm not sure about anyone else, Mel. I'm sorry."

He looked at her face to see any sign of weakness; any sign that she wasn't going to be able to function knowing what she'd just been told. But instead, he smiled when he saw raw determination take over her face instead. He had been right, Mel thought to himself. His words saddened her, and she knew that at the end of everything, she was going to start the grieving process for them. But right now, she didn't have time for that.

Right now, Mel needed to get justice for them. They couldn't have died in vain and she'd be damned if she let that happen. Right now, all she was concerned with was finishing the journey and getting to Canada just like Zack had wanted her to do.
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