Strawberry Swing

"Well how come you never told James?" Dave curiously questioned.

Audrey sighed and stared up at the sky, then back at the sand. "Because as hopeful as I was I couldn't get the courage to say anything, and by the time I found the nerve he was with Angie."

Dave gave her a confused look, "You could have said that you didn't want him to date your sister. You know he would have stopped pursuing her, you could have replaced her."

Again Audrey smiled, and slowly started to shake her head, "He loves Angie. I couldn't make him suffer so I could have him. I love him too much to do anything like that to him. So I sat there miserably so he would be happy. I guess I'd rather him be happy and me be miserable than vice versa." She paused, "Does that make any sense?'

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