Status: Haven't updated in forever! Hopefully I can get into the groove of this story again :) Going to fix mistakes when I have time :)

I Almost Told You I Loved You

Summer is just trying to survive by drowning further into herself and keeping the same simple tasks done each day.

Aaron just keeps trying to drag her out of her shell so that she will show her true self.

Will the two opposites sided hearts clashes to create a single and mended heart? Or will Summer just get so fed up that she goes to the only solution she can think off that looks safe enough in her eyes.?

Disclaimer: I do NOT OWN any famous people that may be spoken of in this story. I do own the plot and the characters.

Uhh...sorry if you don't like it or any of that stugff. You don't have to read it if it doesn't seem your type =/