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I Almost Told You I Loved You


My name is Summer. First off, I hate my name. The season summer really was never my favorite and when I was in second to seventh grade, I got teased. Second off, I hate living in Arizona and would rather live in Minnesota where our summer cabin is.

Another thing about me is that I am not very social. I just want to get my school work done and get into an exceptionally good college up north. I only have one friend and his name is Justin. Well, He's not really my friend anymore since he became popular. Now he's just one big jerk.

Back to the social thing. I have a few reasons why I'm not very social. 1) I was teased. 2) I'm extremely shy. 3) I did have friends but they all became back-stabbers so now I'm more guarded.

I always hated being shy which always held me back from having friends. My main friends were always music and books. Also my laptop and German Shepherd but that's beside the point. The point is that I’m shy and scared to make friends. Every friend I did make stabbed me in the back and just started stupid rumors about me that I soon learned to ignore. They all hated me so I just let them. Either way, they are still thinking about me. Love me or hate me, I'm still on their mind.

Another reason behind the first one of the anti-social reasons is that I was always teased for two main things. My name and my family. My name was just stupid and my family was just broken. I never knew my father and my brother was in a gang which led to him being shot and killed. As for my mother, she was put in an Insane Asylum. She kind of went crazy after my father left when I was born and when my brother died, it just threw her off the edge.

I was sent to live with my Aunt who is a workaholic. She has two different jobs and volunteers almost where ever. So I mainly live at home alone and do school work or just make up stories and type them up on my laptop.

That's one happy thing about me. I LOVE to read and do creative writing. It always let my mind be peaceful for however long I work on a story or read. I just get...lost. Lost in my personal thoughts and just let my imagination free.

Sounds stupid but I don't care. It's better than dealing with the drama of one week boyfriends and relationships that will never last. I swear the local school is slut central. Even most of the guys are man whores or otherwise total players.

There is especially one guy that I dislike the most. Aaron Marquette. Of course. Top of the food chain here at school. He doesn't look like a senior but he is. Just a lot of piercing and some of the tattoos on his arms. I don't care to know of any others.

The main reason why I don't like him is because he took my only friend (Justin) away from me. Now I feel lonelier than before and I can't help it. Another reason is the way he is so social. Jealousy is the main thing when it comes to him and the other is sadly, lust.

Probably every girl in the school has felt it when they look at him. Maybe it's because he looks older than he really is or it could be how he always has this dangerous and mysterious look and feel to him.

Either way, it attracts girls like flies on crap. Haha, sorry for the analogy but it seems to fit the best.

Enough about school and the one person that seems to cloud my mind frequently.

My taste in music stays around hard rock, metal, screamo, and occasional country. Sometimes it varies between all genres but stays mainly in the stuff that is hard to understand (XD).

My sweetheart Sherriff is a German Shepherd and is probably my guardian angel. He keeps me from ripping my hair out in short. Sometimes I think he is a teddy bear only when he cuddles or tries to play.

Another thing about Sherriff is that he is very vicious when it comes down t the need. One day when I brought Sherriff out for a walk in the park, I took his muzzle of being that there wasn't anyone nearby to the large space where he could possible bite anyone. Well a man tried to rob me. Bad idea from the start. Sherriff instantly latched onto the man's arm then held on to the thief's hoodie.

The police arrived and then after a few questions we were able to go home.

Every time I think of that memory though, I can't help but think of Aaron and wonder if he would ever protect me if we ever went into a relationship.
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