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I Almost Told You I Loved You

XxX One XxX

Summer's P.O.V.

I woke up to the sunlight streaming through a crack in my deep blue curtains. should be to early for sunlight at 6 AM. I immediately looked at my G1 and saw that it was 10:07 AM.

"Fuck! I am SO late!" I screamed to myself.

I hurriedly jumped out of my bed and ran to my bathroom. To be honest, I looked like a stupid zombie that someone decided to mark up with make-up. Great! I hurriedly and nearly painfully scrubbed my face and only put on some cover up and mascara,

I slipped out of my pjs while brushing my hair at the same time. After I barely managed to tame the wild mass on top of my head, i ran to my closet and slipped on some outfit that I didn't even look to see if it matched or not.

I quickly grabbed my keys, purse, and iPhone. Sherriff panted as he sat in the middle of the kitchen floor watching me scramble around like an idiot. I quickly pioured him a bowl of dog food and filled his water dish before scramblign otu the front door with my book bag slung across my shoulder.

I ran to my Escalade and started it.


I walked in the doors when everyone was heading to the cafeteria. A few stared but otherwise everyone ignored me. I was used to it so it didn't bother me at all.

As I was heading to my locker, i could feel someone's eyes boring into my back. This was unusual so i turned around and my eyes met Justin's deep brown ones. They were mocking me as he laughed with Aaron, Derek, Austin, and Jake.

I turned away and just kept my head down. One single tear slid down my cheek and hit my shoe when i reached my locker. i was frozen to the spot and still trying to secipher if i shoudl stay or not.

I was ahead by a week or so in all my classes..."Fuck it." I muttered to myself. "I'm going home."

Justin's P.O.V.

I was only half-listenign to the guys. When they started laughing, i joined. We walked towards the cafeteria and that's when i saw Summer. She was half a day late but i didn't care. I watched her with a certain pride as she walked to her locker.

Summer turned her head and our eyes met. I knew she could see the pride and mocking in my eyes. "Finally i ahve friends." I mumbled to myself.

"Man! Look at Brytni over there! That is a nice ass!" Austin suddenly said.

I looked towards him and we all started laughing. For the moment that my eyes were away, i never noticed Summer crying as she left.
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