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I Almost Told You I Loved You

XxX Two XxX

Summer's P.O.V.

I sat in my room with my laptop on my pillow and Sherriff's head on the small of my back. I read over what i just typed on one of my stories titled "Knife Called Lust." It's true that I did get it from Hollywood's Undead song.

"Mary-Kate dropped her eyes to the ground and started to twiddle her thumbs that were currently in her lap." I whispered to myself. "I could tell that she was quilty just by the way she slouched in her chair.

"Kate, will you please look at me?" I pleaded to her.

Mary-Kate brought her glittering brown eyes to my green ones. She was on the verge of tears but it didn't effect me. I thought i saw something flash in those brown orbs but then again, my eyes could just be playing tricks on me.

"Josh," My name rolled off her tongue easily and seductively. "I'm sorry for letting Luke make a move on me out at the party. I just really, really want to make it up to you."

Mary-Kate stood up adn started unbottoning her flannel shirt. I almost gave in to her but this would be the last timeI'll ever do that. "No, Kate! It's over. I'm tired of your BULLSHIT." I practically growled at her.

Kate's stunned face almost had me smirking in pure satisfaction. I stood up to leave-

Sherriff's deep growl broke me off.

I froze and just listened. I soon caught the slight sound of slippers on the polished floor of the hallway. I figured that it was my aunt but then suddenly the footsteps stopped and then there was a loud thump.

SHerriff got up then i quickly followed out to look in the hallway. I commanded Sherriff to stay by me and he listened. AS i peered out in the hallway, I found myself looking at a crumpled piece of clothes and a curly mass of long dark brown hair that resembled my Aunts.

I cried out before rushing to grab my phone. I dialed 9/11 as i rushed towards my aunt. From what i could tell, She wasn't breathing.
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