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I Almost Told You I Loved You

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Aaron pulled into my driveway. Ugh he knows where I live now!

"Nice house." He commented.

I just nodded before slipping out of the vehicle and walking to the front door. Aaron was right behind me; a little to close. I unlocked and opened the door but was greeted by Sherriff. He was wagging his tail and everything until he noticed Aaron. Then it whole protective mode.

Aaron took a step back and I couldn't help having a small laugh escape my throat. I ran up the stairs and whistled. Sherriff followed. "You can go into the living room and make yourself at home.." I hollered to Aaron before going into my room to change.

I let my hair fall down from the pony tail it was in and turned on my curler.I didn't have to shower before I missed gym and all my other classes.

Guess I get to go party earlier

I change into the outfit I had picked out this morning. As I went into the bathroom to fix my hair and do my make-up, I heard a knock at my door. "One minute!" I yelled back.

I quick pulled my hair up into a clip and walked to my door. Aaron was leaning against my door frame when I opened it. Sherriff rubbed his muzzle against my leg.

"Can I come in?" He asked.

I moved away and left the door open. Aaron followed me into the bathroom.

"Why are you all dressed up?" I could feel his eyes roam over my body.

"I'm going to a party." I answered while leaning over my sink to put on my mascara.

"Can I come?"


"I won't bother you at school for a week."

"Okay. You can come."

I walked into my room and slipped on my high heels after I turned on my stereo. Breaking Benjamin came through the surround sound. I sang softly with the song "The Anthem of the Angels."

I walked back to finish my make up.

"Why don't you put on that cover up stuff?" Aaron asked me.

"Because I don't need it." I stated while curling my hair.

Large ringlets started to fall around my face. Not long I was done. I started to walk towards my room with my eyes down. I accidently bumped into Aaron.

"Can we talk now?" Aaron asked.

I glared at him. "Fine."

"I'm sorry." Aaron whispered.

I was confused. "For what?"

"For everything. Including this." Aaron's lips met mine in a soft passionate way. I couldn't help but give in.
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