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I Almost Told You I Loved You

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I walked slowly into the Institute. there were a couple of doors that i had to get buzzed through but that seemed the norm for me already.

The receptionists nodded to me and, like always, pointed down the hall to the visitors lounge. i smiled politely at her before continuing on my way.

They allowed the more stable patients to be allowed into large rooms with one another, so thus, I was able to spend time with my mom during those free periods.

One of the staff members opened the door for me and I entered a sitting area type room. There was faded yellow couches and light blue walls in this room along with sitting chairs set randomly about and a few board games on small tables.

My eyes scanned for my mother in hopes of quickly finding her so that i would be able to leave right away. yet, I never saw her head bobbing among the other patients. I looked over to one of the plump staff that was watching them and gave her a confused look.

She wandered over to me and raised a brow.

"Where is Rhonda Witlock?" I questioned.

"She has been assigned an extra hour of counselling." The plump lady answered me.

I nodded my head slowly and started walking away. Well that was a wasted trip...


I walked into the large house, in hopes of finding Sheriff with Aaron. I was thankful when I saw them lounging outside, watching some people play football.

I whistled a low tune and Sheriff's ears instantly pricked and he turned his head to me. I could have swore that he grinned when he opened his mouth to pant. I smiled at him and continued walking over to Aaron and Sheriff.

Aaron turned to look at me and smiled when he saw me. "So how did your appointment go?"

"Fine." I replied curtly while grabbing Sheriff's leash.

Aaron smirked when he turned to look back at the volleyball game. it all consisted of girls in small bikini's jumping around. I rolled my eyes at him and walked over to the huge dog kennel's. There were two dogs in there already and I smiled.

"Jack and Jill!" I squealed.

The golden retriever and collie barked and walked their tails when they saw me. I smiled, unhooked Sheriff's leash and opened the door for him to go inside the kennel. All the dog's immediately began to play with one another.

I smiled, turned around to make my way to the house, but ended up bumping into someone. I looked up to see my distant cousin [url=]Cole.[/url=]

"Hey cuz!" He smiled widely and hugged me.

"Hey bud! Awesome party." I returned the smile and hug.

So are you going to hop into the pool or what? Water's great!"

I nodded. "I don't doubt that. Sheriff seems happy to see Jack and Jill."

Cole looked over at the dog's playing in the kennel. "Yeah. I think that they've missed him. Well, I'm glad that you came."

I gave Cole another hug. "This is why you were always my favorite cousin."

He laughed, returned the hug, and then bid me farewell for the moment.

I made my way over to the ground pool and began stripping. I placed my clothes on the lawn chair and immediately dove into the water. I came up and received a few cat calls and ratings on my dive were shouted out.

I enjoyed fitting in for the moment but I knew that three-quarters of these people didn't go to my school and the rest would never remember me. It was a saddening thought for the moment. I, however, brushed it off and started to play water-football with the other people in the pool.

I momentarily forgot about Aaron. But when I thought about him, looked for him, and found then found him chatting it up with some college looking girls, I knew that he was just fine.

Hopefully, I wouldn't have to bring him back to my house.

That thought pained me but I brushed it aside and continued my game with the others
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