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Sky Is Womb & She's the Moon

Break-ins and Hypnosis

i stared around at the handful of police cars that had taken over the front of my building. i let my guard down a bit, and felt the frenzied emotions of the police officers, worry, confusion, anger and frustration...all of which were so think in the air i felt as if i could bottle them up and store them.

i looked around and caught sight of a familiar face. i rushed forward to one of my neighbors. she was an elderly woman, i have known her for years. she stood by in the parking lot, with tears in her eyes.

"Mrs. Livingston! Mrs. Livingston!" i yelled to her as i ran towards her. i felt Delano rush right behind me.

"OH! Amina! thank goodness you are here! i was afraid you'd still be in there!" she hugged me tightly. her frail body enveloping me.

"whats going on here? whats all the commotion about?" i held her face in my hands, wiping her tears away with my thumbs.

"there's been some sort of robbery! the police think its some kind of gang activity. i heard gun shots and before i knew it i was being escorted outside by 2 police officers!" she shook, the tears flowing again. she was afraid. i felt her trembling body under my hands. i hugged her again, trying to soothe her. as i held her, i looked at Delano, a weird look spreading across his features. i saw him close his eyes and breath in deeply, as if trying to catch a scent. a second later his eyes flew open, as if he had been slapped in the face with some sort of vital piece of information. i instantly let go of Mrs. Livingston and turned to face Delano.

"whats wrong Delano, you look like you just witnessed someone coming back from the dead" i stared at him intently, hoping that maybe i could get even a minuscule reading from him. he ignored my question and rushed passed towards the police officers. i ordered for Mrs.Livingston to stay put, that i would be back for her. she agreed quickly and i ran to where Delano was, already enthralled in conversation with a police officer.

"Whats going on here, Detective?" Delano spoke sternly, with an air of power that i think anyone would have trouble refusing. he stared at the detective, his face still, and his eyes turning a darker shade of blue. i stood by him, looking at the detective.

"everything is under control, sir. we will take care of everything, for now, we suggest that no one stay in the building. we are having it evacuated for the safety of the tenants. it would be best for you and your lovely wife here to stay at a hotel for the night" the detective kept his gaze on me, with my guard lowered i felt his lust for me increase, but i also felt his worry. they did not have this under control, in fact every emotion in him told me they had no idea what was going on. i felt he rage build up inside of me.

"he is not my husband! and NO! you DO NOT have anything under control! you don't even know whats going on!" i yelled at him, grabbing the collars of his jacket and shaking him furiously. how could he be having any sexual thoughts towards me when an entire building was in danger?!

i felt Delano pull me away from him and hold me tight against his chest. "shush now Amina. let me take care of this" he whispered in my ears. at the sound of his voice, i felt a tiny pricking in my brain, like a light scratching against my shield. almost like a puppy begging to come inside. it stopped as suddenly as it came, and for some reason, i was 100% sure it was Delano. as ludicrous as it sounded, i was sure he had tried to relax me by entering my mind.

i stood by him, his arm around protectively around my waist. most likely to keep me from ripping the detective to shreds.

"now detective, i don't believe you have answered my question..." Delano spoke sternly again. he stared into the mans eyes, as if searing holes into the mans very soul. the man stared back at him, as if in a trance. the detective stood before us, his expression blank and his mouth slightly open. i could longer feel any emotions form the man. i looked up at Delano, but his eyes did not leave the man. his gaze was fierce and strong, not letting the detective go for a second. it was then that the realization hit me like a wave crashing against a rock: Delano was hypnotizing the man....there was no other explanation!

"tell me old man, whats really going on here..." Delano finally spoke.

"he doesn't know anything" i murmured to him.

"do not interrupt me Amina." he told me. the sentence dripped of menace and power.

"we don't know anything, sir" the detective replied in a monotone voice. Delano quickly looked at me, with surprise and shock covering his beautiful face. i turned my face from him, instead looking for Mrs.Livingston. she was in the company of Mr. Woodlock, a middle aged man who lived on the floor above me. good. she was not alone. Delano's voice tore me away from Mrs. Livingston as he questioned the detective further.

"what evidence was found regarding this 'gang activity'?

"multiple break-ins were discovered. all on the second floor. nothing was stolen according to our reports. the only apartment that was ransacked was number 220." i froze at his words. a small sob came out of me as the realization took me over with much force.

"that's my apartment! Delano! THAT'S MY APARTMENT!" i freaked out, the tears and fears flowing through me like a soaked blanket, dripping all over the floor.

Delano held me fast. rubbing my back with his big hands. he tried to calm me as i cried to his chest. who would want to break into my apartment? i have nothing of value to offer. my tears continued as i thought back, had i never gone to dinner with Delano, those thugs would have found me.

"shh. its OK Amina. you're safe." Delano spoke softly to me, nothing like the attitude he had with the detective. but that changed as soon as he turned to face the detective.

"what else was found?"
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