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Sky Is Womb & She's the Moon

everything goes black

"several gunshots were fired. we believe there were about 15 suspects in the building at the time of the shooting. recent gang activity in neighboring cities lead us to believe the same gang was behind this. all guns were Left behind by gang members. no finger prints were left on any of them, and we just got word that they were all obtained by the same trader on the black market." the detective seemed to doze off. i looked at Delano, his features becoming rigid.

"anything else, detective?" he pressed him further...

"yes sir. we believe we might have caught at least one suspect." the detectives face had not moved from its zombie-fied state. it was one hell of a trance he was under. the rush of new information was alot to take in. and i struggled to keep my shield intact, trying to not lose the only grip on sanity i had.

"take me to him now" Delano spoke to him swiftly, the command sending the detective to his police car, and us following close behind.

as we reached the cruiser, i caught sight of a young boy sitting in the back seat with handcuffs on. i lowered my guard when i looked at him. the boy was calm. not at all phased that he was arrested, and possibly going to jail. my brows came together forming a little wrinkle on my forehead. i looked deeper into the boy. he was confident. confident because he knew would be "bailed" out in way. i tried to sense in what way he would get out of trouble. someone would come save him? i couldn't be sure. just then, Delano's voice broke the silence.

"you. boy, who sent you here and why?" he stared at the boy with the same intensity he had stared at the detective. his eyes turned again, a look that made my own soul go cold. the boys stare grew blank, and his mouth opened slightly. Delano had succeeded in hypnotizing him.

"i was sent by a powerful man" was all the boy said.

"who is this man?"

"i do not know his name. i only take his orders."

"he orders you and your gang around i presume?"


"what were this mans orders to you?"

"to find and bring back Amina Bella"

and right on cue, as soon as i heard my name escape the boys lips, the world grew dark. i felt my body fall over in shock. something held me, although i dont know what....
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