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Sky Is Womb & She's the Moon

Feed - Sweet, Sweet Nectar

Adryaan followed me to my car. we walked in silence, both contemplating our next move.

"She must be special if Carden is after her. do you sense anything different about her?" Adryaan asked as i opened the door of my Bugatti.

"Shes most definitely special. I've seen her do some peculiar things i have yet to explain. everything about her is different. even the way she smells." i paused for moment before sliding into the drivers seat.

"she smells exquisite, doesn't she?" adryaans eyes darkened as a smirk played across his face.

i was instantly possessed with a jealousy i had never felt before. for instant i felt like punching Adryaans face in. more for the reason that he already had a woman in his life, and i was sure she would be in a jealous rage, much like my own if she heard him.

"I'm sure Grace would be happy to hear you say that, Adryaan." i said coldly before speeding off.


i couldn't remember the last time i had fed. not that i needed it. with my age, i fed more for pleasure than for necessity. i looked at it as a perk really. not at all like adryaan. he was young, still. he had to feed at least a few times a week.

it was 2 hours till dawn. i still had time to pass by the blood bank. it had been 3 years since i had last fed on a actual human. there was only a specific kind of blood that could satisfy me now, that of which the donor i did not know.

i had remembered picking up the scent one night a few years ago, while picking up a few packages of blood to deliver for a friend. i had walked into the giant refrigerator and was almost knocked back on my ass as the smell hit me with much force. the sweet, sweet nectar was like that of nothing i had ever smelled before. i had nearly torn the place apart looking for the package it came from. when i found it, i held the package of blood close to me, truly a gift from the anonymous donor it came from. it was the epitome of ambrosia, like fire and ice at the same time. the thick liquid coated every inch of my throat, caressing my tongue lightly as if it were my own lover. this humans blood warmed me, made me feel human again...made me feel alive. sending my senses into frenzy, coursing through my veins like a Delicious disease, waiting to take over my entire body.

i could only imagine what it felt like to drink straight form this person. i didn't care what they looked like, where they were from, male or female. it did no matter. i only wanted their blood. their hot, exquisite blood.

i let myself into the building using the spare i had. i walked straight towards the back. i opened the door to the giant storage area where we held all the blood that came in. i took a deep, concentrated breath in and waited for the blood to make itself known to me.

i smiled as the sweet smell of gardenias hit me. was it even possible for blood to smell like other than what it was?

i followed the smell and grabbed the bag that held the only pleasure i ever allowed myself. i ripped it open greedily with my teeth, feeling my gums begin to itch with the strain of my fangs wanting to let themselves out. i sucked on the bag furiously, letting the blood make its way into every part of me, filling the gaping hole inside...temporarily masking the darkness that overtook my insides. i fell into ecstasy as the blood ran through me, leaving trails of fire where ever it touched.

but alas, it was over to soon. a pint is never enough. and there is never more than a pint.

i sighed as i tried to lick off the last few drops that remained in the bag.

until next time i suppose.

i thought about Amina as i drove to the nearest cemetery. i hated to sleep under the ground, i was way over those days. but by this point, i couldn't just go back to the hotel and go catatonic in bed next to Amina and let her think i was dead...although i suppose i am already.

i chuckled to myself at the thought. honestly, i wouldn't have minded sleeping next to her. it had been awhile since the last time i slept with a warm human next to me. i shook the thought out of my head as i parked my car a few blocks away from my destination.

i grumbled to myself as i began to dig my hole, the sky already beginning to lighten from black to blue.
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