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Sky Is Womb & She's the Moon


"Clever Empath. She's escaped. but not without help i presume. " i stared at my henchmen, waiting for an answer. stupid humans, they can never take orders correctly. the room remained quiet. obviously, my henchmen were speechless.

"so tell me, you useless you let a a girl half your size with none of your strengths escape you" i raised my eye brows, feeling the anger boil inside me. i felt my hand crush the glass of blood in my hands. i felt the thick liquid from the glass stream down my pale hands, leaving pink rivers behind.

"she had help, Master Carden." the strongest of my henchmen replied.

"help?" i awaited for further enlightenment.

"y-yes. i believe it was Delano that escorted her home. his scent was undeniable, as i was hiding in a nearby building"

i felt the veins in my eyes stretch to the point of explosion. Delano? what could he possibly want with her? this unwanted intrusion calls for a plan update.

now that Amina was under the protection of another Vampire, it made things a bit more....complicated. i looked at my henchmen. all cowering in fear, hoping to avoid my wrath for their failure. a twisted smile formed on my face....

i was all of a sudden thirsty. i laughed aloud before grabbing the strongest of my humans by the neck.
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