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Sky Is Womb & She's the Moon

Night Terrors.

i find myself standing in a thick fog, having to squint my eyes to see further past my own hands. the cold air raises the tiny hairs on my arms, sending a blanket of goosebumps over my body. i stand there alone, in silence.

Am I dreaming?

i take a few steps forward, hoping to reach the end of the fog, but i am only met with the sight of old oak trees. trees so old, they can barely cling to the bit of life left in them. i look ahead and see a small figure in the distance. i take a few more steps and i am met with a sight for sore eyes.

I stared straight into the eyes of the little girl right in front of me. her eyes were as green as mine, and quite possibly, just as big. her hair was blowing in the wind, although i could feel no such wind. she raised her hand, and motioned for me to come closer. i look around apprehensively, unsure of my next move. i take only one step closer, feeling my anxiety rise with the proximity.

"are you lost?" i ask her, becoming worried as i noticed that her dress was soiled. she only motioned for me to come closer. i kneel down in front of her and eye her closely.

"do you need help?" i ask her again, lightly brushing her cheek. she came closer to me and rested her hands on either sides of my face. she pressed her nose against mine and smiled.

"youre going to die, Amina" she whispered to me. my eyes opened in horror, and before i could let out a scream, her hands were already around my neck, squeezing the life out of me. i grabbed her wrists violently in a vain attempt to push her way.

"theres no running away!" her laughter rose through the fog and rang in my ears like a deafening roar. she giggled like a little girl and i could only stare at her diabolical little face, now with nostrils flaring and eyes gleaming.

that laughter....


I was suddenly awoken by the sound of Delano's voice, begging me to wake up. my head was spinning like a top and my heart was pounding to the beat of a thousand race horses. i felt the tears stream down my face, my hands immediately reaching for my neck, as if to make sure tiny hands were not still attached. i felt Delano's hands on my shoulder, and i looked up at him, my breaths still uneven. he brought me to his chest and cradled me against him.

"hush now, it was only a dream" he whispered to me.

i felt that overwhelming sense of quiet again, just like the night at the restaurant. the peace overcame me and made me whole. i breathed in and let the silence simmer around me, calming my very core, washing away the horrors of my dream, melting away the visions of that horrid little girl. i dont know what it was about him, but Delano gave me a sense of calm and security i had never known before.

this is dangerous... i thought to myself, worried that i would attach myself to him. i was damaged goods, and someone like Delano deserved a goddess and nothing less. he would never stay with me if he knew who i was...or what i was, rather. i pulled away from him slightly, already hating the distance.

"thank you for waking me up" i said softly, not wanting to make eye contact.

"that was quite a dream you were having..." he said, laughing lightly. i still didnt look up at him. "are you hungry?" he asked me.

"i want to know who is after me" i stated flatly. twisting my ring around my finger. food was the last thing on my mind.

"that wasnt quite the answer i was looking for...but Adryaan and i have some clues as to who could be after you." my face shot up to look at him, eager to know more. he looked away from me, as if that was all the information he was going to give me.
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