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Sky Is Womb & She's the Moon

Not until you're Safe

I got up and moved a few steps away from the bed, not knowing what else to say to Amina. surely, she would have many pressing questions. but how would i explain this to her? how could i? even if i took the chance to tell her everything, she wouldnt believe it. how could i tell her that the Eldest of the Vampires is searching for her? how could i explain to her what i am? what Adryaan is?

"well?! who is he? what does he want?" her questions began to flow through her effortlessly, like a well rehearsed monologue. i remained quiet, trying to gather my thoughts. i heard her get up from the bed and take a few steps towards me.

"tell me, Delano! whats going on?" her voice was low now, almost as if she was afraid of my answer, and well she should be. i turned around to face her, not at all phased by our closeness. i looked down at her, watching her eyes fill with worry. eyes that should never be full of anything but joy. if my heart was still beating, it would bleed for her. i was sure of it.

"Adryaan and i decided that it would be safer for you to get out of town." that was all i could say.

"im not going anywhere until i know for sure whats going on, Delano." she stared up at me, vigilantly watching me.

"Amina, for your own safety, its best-" i was caught of guard before i could finish my sentence.

"you cant just pack me up and ship me somewhere, Delano. whether its for my safety or not! i barely know you! i have a RIGHT to know whats going on!" her voice began to shake with anger and pain.

"my apartment was ransacked! my building was shot up, innocent people could have been SERIOUSLY injured because some fucking ASSHOLE is after me!" the tears began to flow freely from her face, i hated myself for making her cry. but i couldnt tell her the truth. not now. i tried to calm her down with my mind, gently trying to enter the far reaches of her own mind, to get her to relax, and to forget this conversation.

Amina violently pushed me away, glaring at me with an anger i could have never guessed she possessed. she stepped away from me, as if she was in danger in my presence.

"stop. trying. to. invade. my. thoughts." she growled at me through gritted teeth.

how could she have known? her words and actions had caught me off guard. how could she have felt it?

i looked at her carefully, trying to figure out what to say,

"Amina, i dont know what your talking about..." i told her calmly, taking a few steps towards her. but with every step i took forward, she took a step back, her hands balled up into tiny fists...her eyes still swimming with rage.

"you know exactly what i mean. who or WHAT are you?" she eyed me suspiciously, waiting for my answer.

i crossed my arms casually over my chest. there was no use fighting with her. "i can ask you the same thing..."

my words seemed to catch her off guard, and she remained quiet for a moment, as if gathering her thoughts. i walked towards her, and stood in front of her, my arms still crossed. she looked up at me once again, her eyes less angry and more worried this time around.

"i cant tell you" where the only words that came out of her mouth. i sighed heavily.

"well, if you cant tell me, then i cant tell you anything either." i turned around and began to walk towards the door, but was stopped. Amina raced around me and stood her ground in front of me, blocking the door. "wait...." she said softly, looking down at her feet.

"if i tell you, you have to promise me you wont leave me until im safe" she brought her eyes up to mine, holding my gaze...her eyes worried. i took her soft face in my hands and lowered my face closely to hers.

" and in return, if i tell YOU, you cant leave ME until youre safe" she nodded, a slight smile forming across her face.

"Im an Empath" she spoke softly.

"Im a Vampire" i told her just as softly.
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